Like every year Palestinians commemorate the Nabka, their right to return to their illegally occupied lands. (See: )

This year in Gaza, 16 peaceful demonstrators were cold-bloodedly murdered by Israeli snipers soldiers and more than a thousand were wounded.(1)  The Israeli behavior is purely and pathologically criminal, the more so because, despite the teaching by History, it believes in its total impunity. These murders sent one back to the highest level of the chain of command, not only that of the Israeli army but, more importantly, directly to the war criminal ministers in charge and to the grotesque war criminal pitre Netanyahu.

This renewed and unprovoked war crime brings to mind L’Aigle du casque by Victor Hugo (see: )

As European citizens, we do not want to be associated in any way, shape or form with this Israeli genocidal colonial, racist and theocratic abomination.

We call on the European Union to immediately suspend all the treaties, especially commercial and scientific agreements, as well as all the other forms of aid to Israel until this still illegal State – it can only be legal when the Palestinian State will exist – will respect international laws. This includes the ruling by the International Court of Justice to end the Occupation and to tear down the illegal Wall of Apartheid. Furthermore, the EU has a duty to ensure that the humanitarian aid to the Palestinians is not siphoned up illegally by Israel, as it is indeed done today for some 78 % of it. (2)

We call on European citizens and associations to make use of the European Citizens’ Initiative vehicle to reach this objective given the prevailing complicity of current European leaders with Israeli’s occupation and economic and war crimes. (See: )

We call on the American people and on all other peoples to do the same. The United-States lavished more than 10 million per day in direct foreign aid to help this parasitic and racist so-called Jewish State, an amount that was increased lately. This amount does not include military and commercial forms of aid. This happens when the neo-conservative US government imposes a brutal workfare on its own citizens, and manages to underfund Social Security while adding more than a trillion dollar to the federal debt to further enrich the 10 % and the 1 % wealthier strata of the population . (3) This is done in the context of a grotesque undemocratic over-representation and false representation by some minute philo-Semite Nietzschean minorities.

We likewise call on the International Community and specifically to the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly to act with speed and great resolve to ensure that international laws and fundamental Human Rights be fully respected by the now still illegal so-called Jewish State.  The UN cannot ignore the duties imposed to it by its own Charter and by its own resolutions.

To understand the genocidal and colonial policy imposed on the Palestinians by Israel and its accomplices one only needs to glance at the maps provides at the end of this article:

The Israeli occupation of a copied « promised land » is an original sin as even the genocidal wars of occupation told in the Book of Kings make clear. This explains the recurrent fate of Israel. The Old testament and most of the myths in the Jewish Bible are nothing but ferociously exclusivist copies of much older and wiser Sumerian texts. (4) And Sumerians were not a Semitic population.

All democratic thinkers throughout History, including Thomas Paine and Marx have condemned  exclusivist narratives, particularly when they are dangerously racist and theocratic. It seems to me that the World Jewish community is now in urgent need for an aggiornamento. Unless it dangerously believes that it can substitute History with half-backed narratives. When I was younger I was told that one forgets History teaching only to fall back into the same mistakes and disasters. Second rate copiers cannot pretend to be « masters of the Earth », and no one else should for that matter given the undeniable equality among all Human beings. The pound of flesh is a dangerous and lunatic aspiration.

Paul De Marco, former professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.


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« Gaza, la Marcia si trasforma in strage foto. Uccisi 16 palestinesi, oltre mille feriti video

L’esercito israeliano spara, finisce nel sangue la protesta al confine. Convocata riunione d’urgenza del Consiglio sicurezza dell’Onu Violenti scontri a Gaza: 16 palestinesi uccisi dall’esercito israeliano. Oltre mille feriti in

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 See also:

1 ) . See in particular the documents on the medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco. Justice will have to pass.

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