Commenti disabilitati su Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2 more contagious recombinations, November 2, 2020.

(I must repeat that I am not a doctor in medicine. However, I do take prof. Testart’s warning on the necessary role of citizens very seriously.) 

Our worst fears about SARS-CoV-2 seem to materialise. In particular two of them.

The first concerned the capability of the new and probably artificially created coronavirus to take advantage of the antibodies in order to mutate. In a recent article, The Lancet warned that Covid antibodies did not last more than a few months. (1) But, if these kinds of aggressive mutations were to be proven true, then achieving « herd immunity » does not seem like a reasonable strategy. It would merely slow down contagion but only to avoid saturating the hospitals and their intensive care units. In such conditions, the current health crisis will become increasingly serious. And, additionally, we can then kiss goodbye to an effective vaccine.

The new recombined SARS-CoV-2 being more contagious everything we believe to know concerning Rt and other statistical variables such as age and co-morbidities might prove totally obsolete. The lethality rate might increase. More and nastier waves of the virus could be expected. Especially if we do not switch quickly to a virus suffocating strategy using mass-testing and targeted lockdowns going hand in hand with early anti-viral prescriptions, particularly prof. Raoult’s protocol. The hope is that anti-viral drugs especially hydroxychloroquine associated with azithromycin will continue to work despite these new distant mutations. This would make it even more criminal to prohibit their use under medical control. Hopefully, the molecule DR10 (2) found by the Venezuelans will be tested rapidly to add to the anti-virus arsenal.

The second concerned the fragment of HIV in the SARS-CoV-2. Prof. Montagnier said that it was not an indifferent fragment but one with a function. He added that usually Nature eliminates chimeras, but this natural cleansing process takes a few years.

The first fear is realizing. Prof. Raoult, one of the main World specialists in the domain, said recently that, in Marseille, they are witnessing a recombined and more contagious SARS-CoV-2. (3)

The second will probably be confirmed when vaccines trials will fail. Remember that the foremost expert on vaccine, an Australian professor, underlined the fact that so far no vaccine ever worked against any coronavirus or against HIV, for that matter.

This being the case, the half-measures taken by Western governments are bordering on the criminal. Especially as they interfere with the doctors’ ability to prescribe prof. Raoult’s protocol, the only one that seems to work when prescribed early as soon as the first symptoms are detected and confirmed by a nasal or oral test with less that 35 cycles of amplifications to avoid false positive results. (4)

I have already said what I thought about the strategy geared to slow down the contagion process with the only objective to avoid the saturation of the hospitals and their intensive care units. See the chapter on the management of the sanitary crisis here : .

What should be emphasised is the line of defense used by all the Western governments currently implementing the same basic soft eugenics strategy. It odiously consists in saying that they have no particular fault in the present situation because the « second wave » is taking the same allure in other countries. Hence they did nothing wrong.

This is pure lie. It is not true for China, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Kerala in India with its Leftist government or even Congo, Senegal and Morocco. And, of course, it is not true for the exemplary IHU of Marseille – see the update on the lethality rate here .

The difference is simple and it invalidates all empty talk about freedom – to die at home without free testing and early anti-viral cure – versus more allegedly authoritarian regimes, forgetting en passant the state of emergency now made permanent in almost all Western countries with the double excuse of the Covid crisis and the now stale « war on terrorism ». But no one is duped any longer.

In these non-Western countries, contrary to the neoliberal monetarist West, the governments do not prohibit prof. Raoult’s protocol or any other tested anti-viral drugs. And they still rely on front-line clinics and empowered family doctors. The philo-Semite Nietzschean West has instead destroyed public health-care following the lunatic theory of the Austrian-Jew Fascist Ludwig Mises, according to whom it is public health-care and public hospitals that CREATE illness, which otherwise would be an holistic matter of personal Will – and, we can safely presume, of access to private health-care. Please take a look to the Note 11 of the article entitled « Health-care between cuts and corruption = a victim of choice for neoliberal monetarist fiscal federalism » 2016, in

Note that as the « second wave » of SARS-CoV-2 unfolds, aside from the half-measures only designed to slow down the admissions in the hospitals, patients tested positive are still sent back home without any real anti-viral treatment and private structures are not requisitioned nor nationalised. Aside from the known lethality rate, we will again be faced with a huge over-mortality rate especially in seniors homes.

Of course, the pseudo-stimulus plans written by Eurozone member States in the context of the European Semester were shamelessly trying to take advantage of the fear induced by the sanitary crisis and by the lockdowns in order to push for more onerous and disastrous neoliberal reforms.

With the « second wave » of SARS-CoV-2, the bogus numbers – GDP, public debt, primary surplus etc – are all miserably flying by the window. Nevertheless, the Western governments seem only capable of proposing the same austerity measures, with typical chutzpah. Despite increasing mass unemployment and poverty. Many rich countries in the EU are already experiencing problems with access to food !!! (See )

The choice is again: « Socialism or Barbarism »

Paul De Marco


1 ) « L’immunità di gregge con il Covid 19 è pericolosa e senza basi scientifiche », di R.C.

2 )  Maduro annuncia un farmaco che distrugge il Covid-19 “al 100%”, di * 

3 ) See « Raoult CLASH Pujadas : Analyses des manipulations des médias de la peur » Oct 31, 2020,

At 58:20 he says that he never saw two pandemics in the space of three months. The variations are more aggressive because they build on the immunity provoked by the first variation. He affirms that he never saw such a model before. In fact, prof. Raoult, whose IHU decoded thousand of genomes for this virus, does not talk about « waves » – of the same Covid – just because of the many mutations and now of new recombinations.

At  1:03 :00 speaking about vaccines he mentions that, for now, there are no efficient vaccine for emergent illnesses that he knows about.

See also: Covid, mutazione potrebbe aver reso il coronavirus più contagioso, Secondo un nuovo studio, una mutazione del coronavirus potrebbe averne aumentato la contagiosità

4 ) See «Didier #Raoult : On nous empêche de soigner les malades ! #covid » Oct 26, 2020, 

See also « [EXCLU] Didier Raoult va porter plainte pour mise en danger de la vie d’autrui contre l’ANSM » .Oct 29, 2020  

To go further see (keep in mind that this is the situation in Marseille ; unfortunately it is hard to get the same data and explanations elsewhere) :

A ) « Retour sur le Conseil scientifique annuel de l’IHU » Oct 21, 2020, ; see at 9:30 the graph with the genomes showing first a cluster of mutations and then more distant variations. 

B ) « Mutations, variants : ce que les génomes nous apprennent », Oct 27, 2020, Here prof. Raoult speaks of the Bell curve of the Covid-19. And then presents other variations. The newer one is more aggressive and represents 2/3 of the cases now experienced in Marseille. At 8:20 he speaks of the recombination of rhino viruses. At 10:00, he presents a graph with many SARS-CoV-2 viruses among which the less aggressive August variation which has now disappeared.   

C ) « Décision de l’ANSM sur l’hydroxychloroquine : ce que nous en pensons, ce que nous allons faire », Oct 26, 2020,

Here, we are reminded that remdesivir has no benefits against SARS-CoV-2 but is instead very harmful for the kidneys. On the contrary, hydroxychloroquine presents no negative side effects for the vast majority of patients. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that patients who had received it did spend less time in the hospital and were less likely to die.  

Nevertheless, at  6 : 18 we are informed that the l’ANSM refuses a « RTU » – temporary authorization to use – for hydroxychloroquine. At the same time we are informed – 7:00 – that the French Direction générale de la Santé promotes remdesivir underlying that it can be used for free …

At 8 :00 we are informed that the Ministry of Health has intervened to ask Sanofi to slowdown its delivery of hydroxychloroquine for the orders coming from the IHU de Marseille. The IHU will thus be forced to do triage, like elsewhere.

THIS IS TOTALLY SCANDALOUS. As far as an external observer like myself is concerned, it just seems clear that this unexplainable governmental action, like the earlier decision to declare hydroxychloroquine venomous against all known evidence – it has been prescribed for some 60 to 70 years to close to 2 billion people without problems and before that interdiction is was freely accessible in the pharmacy – has only one objective, namely to force a change in the virtuous statistics produced by the IHU of Marseille.

This is unacceptable. At the very least, it infringes upon the doctors’ freedom to prescribe according to their Hippocratic Oath and it puts the life of patients in danger.

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