Commenti disabilitati su COVID-19 AND SECOND WAVE = please read the important article referenced here, 16 August 2020

1 ) RE: Doctors Pen Open Letter To Fauci Regarding The Use Of Hydroxychloroquine for Treating COVID-19 , by Tyler Durden , Sat, 08/15/2020 – 22:00 , Authored by George C. Fareed, MD Brawley, California Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH Pensacola, Florida Donald C. Pompan, MD Salinas, California,

2 ) On epistemology and methodology and on the logic of care see « Staff de microbiologie – Didier Raoult – 09/06/2020 »

3 ) On essential comparative lethality rates see :

4 ) You can also peruse my articles on Covid-19 in the Categoria « Sanità » of this same site. They document this crapulous philo-Semite Nietzschean attack on peoples’ health from the start. If you want to know the historical and ideological origin of this criminal exclusivist regression, please take a look to the Note 11 of the article entitled « Health-care between cuts and corruption = a victim of choice for neoliberal monetarist fiscal federalism » 2016, in

5 ) For a more general perspective see the Categoria « Another America is possible » in the same site.

Note that Covid-19 did hit most the societies that are most plagued with neoliberalism and monetarism and exclusivist over-representation. That is a plain fact. And that sends one back to a specific anti-republican and anti-democratic strategy, including in the manner in which the crisis was cynically dealt with. Allow me to note that exclusivism, especially theocratic and racist, is the worse crime committed against Humanity. It is profoundly anti-democratic as Thomas Paine explained in his essential Rights of Man, a pamphlet which is at the basis of the Young Marx’s Triptych of Human emancipation in his critique of Hegel, namely religious emancipation through the republican and secular State or laicity; political emancipation through representative democracy; and Human emancipation through full democracy or « socialist democracy », which should include equality through democratic planning and socialised use of the property of the main means of production – the Realm of Necessity which is based on the egalitarian sharing of socially available work among all people able to work and on social solidarity; and socialist Human and constitutional liberties, including civil rights, the Realm of Liberty which which is not defined formally but is instead  squarely based on the Realm of Necessity. On these concepts see my Synopsis of Marxist Political Economy in the Livres-Books section of my old Jurassic site .

Paul De Marco

1 ) On civil liberties, civil unions and the institutionalisation of customs see the Pink section of my old Jurassic site

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