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This matter cannot be understood without referring to the Talmud – and now Mossadic  – percepts on the treatment of Gentiles – including such as Clinton when matrimonial policy and over-representation do not play their role – and in particular the treatment of young Gentile girls that can be raped without any moral problem by the members of the self-chosen race, even before puberty.

This is fact. And this discussion should remain on verifiable facts. The rabbinical ideologies need an urgent democratic aggionamento and must concord to natural law and to the Universal Declaration of Individual and Social Fundamental Rights of 1948. Failing that they should be considered as very dangerous sectarian teachings and be persecuted by the law.

We all know about the rabbis like the late Obadiah Yosef considering Palestinians and Gentiles less than dogs and being born merely to serve the Jews. This is well known, by now. In any case, Israel just declared itself an official Apartheid Jewish State. Nothing need to be argued any longer. (1)

But here is the Talmud – never corrected by the present day rabbis, especially in the illegal croupion State of Israel – on the treatment of Gentiles and of young Gentile girls. See : Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts

The legality of this now murderous Israeli State rests only on the recognition of the Palestinian State as decreed by the UN Sharing Agreement of 1947, if, however, Palestinians agree about it through a referendum. Democracy must be respected.

In my Marxist naiveté I had asked in the past for the democratisation of Jewish Congresses worldwide. Since then I have come to retract my Camp David II proposal (2) which had materialised in the unofficially signed Geneva Accord. This was made necessary because of the Sharoesque assassination of Itzac Rabin and of President Arafat. Israel has become a hen or haunt of pathologically vicious and murderous criminals placing themselves again beyond good and evil – with the financial and military help of Western and Arabs philo-Semite Nietzschean regimes and leaders.

For the rest see this link with its Annex on Giuseppe De Marco . See also my obscenely unanswered appeals to the Italian government for the recurrent violation of my domicile and the poisoning of my food and beverages causing a « boiling body effect » with consequences such as weight increases and loss of concentration, not to speak of my social life, in the opening page

I have demanded and continue to demand the long-overdue apologies as well as the exemplary material and moral damages, including for my illegal and ideologically motivated academic exclusion. All victims of philo-Semite Nietzschean criminal arrogance should do the same. The philo-Semite Nietzscheas’ illusion of impunity is just that, a dangerous illusion. « Once again » as their syphilitic grand master Nietzsche says. The negation of justice is the worse crime thinkable. The Law of Talion counted seven times is what then would remain.

Paul De Marco, former Professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.


1 ) Rabbis in the Israeli Apartheid State openly call for the murder of Palestinian babies, February, 24, 2019

An essential article by the eminent journalist Johnatan Cook should be widely circulated. See:

On July 19, 2018 Israel’s so-called Basic Law transformed the country into a Jewish State, in effect an officially declared Apartheid State that discriminates brutally against the more numerous Palestinians. (See : The Apartheid State of Israel: Decoding the ‘Basic Law’ and the Meaning of a ‘Jewish Nation’, by N.D. Jayaprakash )

2 ) See my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme in the Livres-Books section my old Jurassic site

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