Commenti disabilitati su THE FED DILEMMA, or how the Marginalists are now trapped into their own shameful narrative.

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By Paul De Marco, former professor of International Political Economy and author of the « Synopsis of Marxist Political Economy » freely accessible in the Livres-Books Section of See also « Credit without collateral » (March 20, 2008), « The Treasury and the FED »(April 1st, 2008) in

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A)   The FED, growth – viz inflation – and employment (Oct. 3, 2015)


B)   Sept. 26, 2015. RE : Yellen’s speech Sept 24, 2015, Massachusetts.


C)   Competition and classical liberalism versus philo-Semite neo-corporative Fascism. September 24, 2015


D)   Stocks and bonds synchronisation or how the FED lost the upper hand.  September 22, 2015.


E)    Epilogue: « helicopter money » or nationalized credit and central banks?

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