Commenti disabilitati su France, Chile: or how the people throw up the neoliberalist monetarist policies and their permanent State of emergency. Oct. 20, 2019

Victor Jara Concierto Víctor Jara en Perú – 17 de Julio de 1973 (Recital Completo)

Mikis Theodorakis & Pablo Neruda – 1980 – Canto General 

(Update October 22, 2019: The struggle of the Chilean people is also ours!

In Chile, as in France, in Italy and elsewhere, the socio-liberists leaders, who are no longer liberals nor democrats, have lost all legitimacy. The Chilean people feel betrayed by all these politicians belonging to the Concertación who have maintained the military constitution with some minor alterations and who, in their delirium for privatization and deregulation, have gone so far as to privatize water, health-care, education, and pensions.

That is why the progressive forces in the country, trade unions, students, retirees, citizens of good will want a Constituent Assembly, which amounts to rejecting the current inegalitarian  exclusivism in order to give the people their voice and their sovereignty.

See : 1 )  Asamblea Constituyente para un Nuevo Chile in ; 2 ) Sindicato N°1 de la Minera Escondida vota la Huelga in )


The neoliberal monetarist civilisational regression is fast reaching the end of its destructive historical cycle. 

Neoliberal monetarist policies cooked-up in the University of Chicago and elsewhere were first implemented with the help of the Chicago Boys in dictatorial Chile by Pinochet. The Fascist general came to power after the violent overthrow and the assassination, on September 11, 1973, of the first democratically elected socialist President Salvador Allende. Pinochet’s coup was engineered by the Israelo-American imperialist reactionary camp under the leadership of Kissinger and of the CIA.  The repression unleashed by the military regime of Pinochet was one of the most brutal in History. (See « Pinochet era 1973-1990 »  in–1990). Worse still it was openly justified by Pinochet and his regime and foreign tutors as a mean to save « Civilisation » from Socialism, in this case democratically elected socialism.

I have long argued that Fascism – until 1938 – and Nazism – until 1933 – were distinctively philo-Semite Nietzschean in character. I have underlined the fact that this regressive exclusivist philo-Semite and now philo-Zionist character constitutes the dirty secret of Fascism. It is at the base of yesterday and of today’s renegade treason of most social-democratic parties and groups. This analytical and political occultation opens the road for its current rebirth, in an ever less « soft » form.(1) Italy is already under a corrupt mafia-police State that does not even care for the minimal appearance of justice as evidenced in my own case – see my complaints in the Home page of this same site, for instance  in English . Italy weights 17  % of the GDP of the EU compared to Greece’s 2 %. Hence, like in the 1920s and 1930s Italy has « once again » transformed into the main laboratory of philo-Semite Nietzschean reaction as evidenced by the repressive, liberticidal and fascistic anti-labor and anti-emigration laws passed by the former Lega-M5S government and known as Salvini I and Salvini bis. The State of emergency has been made permanent in France. In Chile it is likely to follow the same pattern: first, it will be presented as temporary emergency measures, then it will be renewed and in the end it will be made permanent.

Neoliberal and monetarist public policy complete with the hegemony of speculative finance has now reached the end of its cycle. (2) Not even the regressive Green New Deal geared to impose more disincentives to workers and citizens will change this state of affair; indeed green speculative finance will add speculation upon speculation.(3)

Hence, for neoliberals and monetarists there is no real exit other than open or covert dictatorship. This explains why they intend to push further their attacks against fundamental social rights, in particular as embodied in the « global net revenue » of households, even though two of its three components, namely « differed salary » – public pensions and UI –  and taxes on the gross pay – necessary to pay for public infrastructures – have almost disappeared for the majority of the workers and employees. At the same time, the capitalist individual net pay has been subjected to increased wage deflation through austerity programs and through the current definition of anti-dumping enshrined in the free-trade deals and at the WTO. (4)

We have reached the point where a small increase in gasoline prices – see the Gilets jaunes in France since November 2018 – or in the tickets for public transportation – see « Cile: rapporto da Santiago, alle 2 del mattino, sabato 19 ottobre » di Sinistra Guevarista del Cile – make such a dent in households’ budgets to be unbearable.

The bourgeois confusion between buying power – a Fisherian index forged to gauge inflation – in the singular !!! – and the standard of living does not help at all. (5) Similarly, the GDP through the so-called fiscal consolidation path (6) attuned to Chicago Boys’ type of debt reduction policies, has become an obscurantist tool. In particular because social services are not counted in the GDP because, being services, they have no « market price »! Hence the absurdity by which less costly public services are calculated in the definition of public debt informing austerity policies whereas more costly privatised services are not, being instead calculated as GDP increases. For instance public and universally accessible Health-care did cost around 9 % of GDP in Europe in the 1970s when private medicine was still marginal. However, it did cost over 15 % of GDP in the US leaving 50 million citizens without any coverage. Obama-care was sold to Big pharma and private insurance companies and does cost even more today while still living more than 30 million citizens without coverage. It is plain absurdity, neoliberal-monetarist fascistic absurdity. The same reasoning applies to public versus private pension plans. The grand master of all neoliberal monetarists, the fascist Austrian-Jew von Mises, an advisor to the fascist Austrian Chancellor before he had to flee due to the Anschluss, one who never changed his dirty eugenics and exclusivist ideology, has written that public hospitals do create sickness which otherwise is a matter of Will and, I suppose, of access to private medicine. See the Note 11 in )

As I have underlined many times before the neoliberal-monetarist philo-Semite and now philo-Zionist Nietzschean  goal is to engineer a « return to a new domesticity and to a new slavery ». They have almost won in the West where they spread fear – 9/11 false flag (7)- in order to implement their new imperialist crusades of their Preventive War Doctrine complete with their liberticidal Patriot Act and their costly and tyrannical Homeland Security. This a-democratic exclusivist regression was engineered with the hope to keep the citizens subdued while they were forced to regress. This is indeed a struggle for Human civilisation! The people’s answer is always the same, it is that of Thomas Paine to Ed. Burke, that of the Resistance against Nazi-Fascism enshrined in our democratic constitutions as well as in the Universal Declaration of Fundamental Individual and Social Rights of 1948.

All people should unite to return to an advanced Social State that will be able to implement a general reduction of the working week and a new anti-dumping definition capable to protect the three components of the « global net revenue » of the households.

The EU should suspend sine die all its commercial and other accords with Chile until democracy is fully restored.

Paul De Marco, ex-professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.

1 ) See the Section Fascism-Racism-Exclusivism in my old Jurassic site as well as my essays on Nietzsche and on Heidegger in the Livres-Books section of the same site. See also Max Shachtman’s violent attitude against the Bolsheviks as well as against Trotsky when the latter refused to condemn the foreign policy of the USSR.

2 ) That cycle had began with the counter-revolution implemented by Volcker-Reagan. This privatisation-deregulation mania reached it pinnacle with the 1999 Abrogation of the Glass Steagall Act. The long-lasting economic-financial crisis started in 2007-2008 is the worst capitalist crisis since the Great Depression of the Thirties. See for instance:  « The socio-economic consequences of Volcker-Reagan and Co », «Credit without collateral », « The Treasury and the FED » and « The Fed Dilemma » in the International Political Economy section of my old site.

3 ) On the green obscurantist and a-social narrative see the Ecomarxist section of . My main updated criticisms are exposed in an essay written in Italian which will shortly be made available in English, see :

4 ) See the Appeal in

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