Commenti disabilitati su Julian Assange: instead of extrading him illegally, nominate him and Ms Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize, June 30, 2019.

No to voluntary servitude!

See  «Londra firma l’estradizione di Assange negli Usa», di Sergio Scorza ; In English see the following : « UK approves US request for Julian Assange’s extradition » ANI Published Jun 13, 2019, 3:19 pm IST, in 

Short comment: This was the reaction that I wrote for myself after reading the article in Italian quoted above. It might be helpful to make it public.(*) 

My question is : What does Australia say? Mr. Assange is an Australian citizen and is thus protected by the Australian Constitution and by the fundamental human and juridical rights it enshrines.

As we all know, even before the pathological mass-hysteria instilled in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack – which was a monstrous false flag – the US, the UK and the old Dominions had a covert agreement to spy on each other citizens in order to avoid legal suits at home, in particular for the intrusive violation of privacy. The citizens of these countries were never consulted on the matter simply because they would have been horrified by it. Despite the West’s manipulation of the so-called « war on terrorism », despite all anti-democratic and exclusivist « nudging » to create a sense of « empathy » for the new crusades implied by the illegal Preventive War Doctrine, this attitude of the great majority of the citizens has not changed. Preventive war flies against all known international laws; it abolishes de facto all the Geneva Conventions, that is to say among the most important steps towards civilization. Needless to say, in a civilized and democratic context, terrorism is a police matter involving legally acceptable international cooperation, not a matter for undeclared and even preventive wars! A proof of this democratic and Human widely-shared sentiment is to be found in the horrified reaction of citizens the World over when they are informed about the various violations of their privacy in a poorly regulated and highly militarized and commodified Internet world.

The Australian Parliament has the duty to intervene immediately to protect Mr. Assange’s fundamental rights. In particular, due to the fact that the US, in its emulation of the criminal and ingrained behavior of the Apartheid croupion State of Israel (1), notoriously practices torture against its prisoners; it therefore cannot provide a neutral process in this specific case.

It has been reported that the American judge in charge of the case cannot be impartial because her husband might have been the object of some leaked documents. If this were the case, she should have already desisted on her own accord. There is no justice without due process.

Furthermore, the extraterritorial reach of the American justice system is to be denounced in and by itself as an affront to the sovereignty of all other countries enshrined in the UN Charter, but also because a warmongering US has carefully attempted to protect its own personnel committing crimes abroad on duty by staying out of the International Penal Court and even by threatening whoever might dare denounce them: this is sheer barbarism and contrary to all known natural and formal laws. It is also dangerous. In effect, this American stance negates the Rule of Law. When this happens there only remains the rule of collective and individual force in an inescapable « return » to the Talion law. There can be no forgiveness without justice.

In this context, this extradition constitutes a frontal affront to basic citizenship rights and to due process. « Once again », it would represent criminal acquiescence to the worse civilizational regression since the rise of Fascism which equally was philo-Semite Nietzschean in origin and nature as I have demonstrated without the shadow of a doubt. Despite Nietzsche’s cherished « returns », this regression cannot be tolerated and least of all when it threatens Human fundamental rights and due process.

We should add that there are laws protecting whistleblowers as well as the freedom of the press and of opinion. We have already underlined the fact that the crimes denounced by the information leaked have already been condemned not only by the world public opinion but also by American and other countries’ courts. This is true for the illegal kidnapping and detention in the US Guantanamo base or in international airports; it is true for the characteristic horrors committed in Iraq, particularly those exposed in the Abu Ghraib case. It should be underlined that this particular crime is a perfect illustration of the pathological mental degeneration of the political and military lines of command as it embodied a criminal sense of impunity in committing atrocities, a sense of impunity which Philip Zimbardo himself had come to denounce when he realised the devastating effects of his experiments.

The archaic and obsolete Espionage Act cannot disregard them. In a democracy journalists should never be « embedded » that is to say be turned into disinformation soldiers. There is no democracy without access to verified and verifiable information . If Nobel Peace Prizes continue to be awarded, then I propose that it should go the Ms Chelsea Manning and Mr Julian Assange for their principled defense of Human Rights and World Peace to be attained through the impartial information of citizens.

One final remark is of the essence here. Prior to the philo-Semite Nietzschean regression embodied in the new exclusivist crusades and criminal Preventive Wars, the US practice regarding the access to information and to the Archives was to preserve the material conditions necessary to arrive at the right and truthful conclusions, at least after a certain amount of time had elapsed. Information would then be declassified. This too acted as a democratic tool. Today the method seems to be dictated by a rabbinical-Nietzschean understanding of the « devoir de mémoire » which implies the active falsification of the facts and the rewriting of History. At a more philosophical level the method sends one back to Heidegger’s doctored falsifications , see: « Heidegger or the intimate corruption of the soul and of Human becoming » in . This is the surest road to self-destruction: As their own syphilitic grand master Nietzsche warned them in his Thus spoke Zarathustra : « Hi-han! », it is dangerous to end up believing in one’s own manipulate falsifications … Indeed, when the State Department saw its shifting from its engineered Cold War to Detente opposed by McCartysts, Dean Acheson who, as he wrote, had been « present at creation » called them « animals »; he was just diplomatically forgetting that these « animals » were of his own making and of others like him

Paul De Marco, former professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.

1 ) I have long denounced this exclusivist and warmongering choice as is evidenced by the articles in the Section Fascism, Racism and Exclsuvism of my old Jurassic site . Now after many crapulous wars and many tentatives to effect violent regime chance with the backing of the current US Administrations, Israel has officially declared itself an Apartheid State and should therefore be immediately excluded from the UN Organization and from all its specialised agencies, unless it chooses to exclude itself as it did for the UNESCO. See a ) « The Apartheid State of Israel: Decoding the ‘Basic Law’ and the Meaning of a ‘Jewish Nation’ » by N.D. Jayaprakash ; b )

Similarly all military and economic aid from the US and from the EU to this Apartheid State should be suspended sine die – it amounts to dozens of billion dollars annually going to this parasitic and now openly exclusivist croupion and murderous State. These funds would better be employed in furthering socio-economic development and the support of domestic unemployed and to finance a dignified immigration and integration policy. Or to help Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. See for instance

* ) See also a ) ; b )

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