With a wink to the Gilets jaunes who know exactly what to think of contemporary mass-media. 

We repudiate the society of permanent preventive wars based on criminal narratives enforced by the « control of the flows of communication », by « deference to – self-conferred – Authority » and by the recourse to the Nietzschean Hammer. We repudiate a warmongering society which aims to divide citizens into two separate groups, « awaken nihilists» and « militant nihilists ». We condemn the renegade Judas Lenin Moreno of Ecuador who gave Assange in just to ingratiate himself with the worst American leaders ever now busily trying to destabilise South American and its Bolivarian Revolution. The Ecuadorean electorate knows how to deal with him and his regressive policies. 

They do not condemn the crimes but they condemn Assange for revealing them! See : « You Are Being Lied To About Julian Assange! » (See more links, below)

If preventive wars, political assassinations, torture and inhuman treatment of citizens and prisoners, unlawful imprisonment and confinement, disinformation and other manipulations aimed at fomenting violence and creating unrest are strictly contrary to constitutional rights and to International Law, if they run counter to all Geneva Conventions and to Natural Rights, then Ms Manning and Mr. Assange should be commended for their courage in upholding the Law and basic civilizational principles. As we know the US Supreme Court ruled extraterritorial imprisonment such as those perpetrated against many innocents in Guantanamo to be ultra vires, European courts have equally condemned illegal kidnapping and detainment, for instance, in European airports. (2)

It has notoriously been written that « only truth is revolutionary ». (3) We all know that individual and social fundamental rights, guaranteed by our Constitutions and by the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Rights, are only worth the efforts vested in their defence.

Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are among the first who denounced the new and « preventive » warmongering that was concretely embodied in long-term policies aimed at ushering the society of new slavery and new domesticity. (4) They did so democratically by blowing off the key element of this regression without precedent since the coming to power of Fascism and Nazism in the Twentieth Century. They provided citizens with the reliable information necessary to allow them to make up their own minds. They blew off the culture of cultivated secret with it pseudo-emphatic Western-centred narrative which had been the basis of power for Masonic and other scoundrels and for dominant groups, ever since the Middle Age Crusades and beyond.  

Since my early adolescence I have developed a long-lasting admiration for that essential attachment to truth as the vital part of a working demo-cracy. Aside from Antonio Gramsci’s statement on the revolutionary importance of truth, many Anglo-Saxon personalities stand as shining examples. Manning and Assange are contemporary examples. Just to mention past generations, I could name Thomas Paine and his principled reaction against the exclusivist Tradition embodied by Ed. Burke when he took his stand against the historical ushering of the republican and secular revolutions which substituted « divine right » with the sovereignty of « We, the people». Or John Brown reacting against the perpetuation of slavery in the united States. Or Edgar Snow denouncing the war against Maoist China. Or the great opera singer Paul Robeson standing up straight and offering his support to the South Wales mine workers. Or the early Sixties American students in Berkeley and other universities who anticipated the 68 Movement in Europe (and a Jane Fonda courageously reporting from Vietnam ) in demanding the end of the War and the ushering of a so-called Just Society. When all is said and told, we all owe our individual and social rights to those persons and groups who selflessly defended them.

The challenge to the growing inequality which, even then, resulted from the unwillingness of the Establishment to share socially available work among all citizens able to work, and from its refusal to redistribute productivity gains, was met by a counter-revolution which triumphed in 1979-1981. I analysed this historical turning point in my March 1985 short pamphlet entitled « The socio-economic consequences of MM. Volcker, Reagan and Co » (see the Category « Another America is possible » in ­)

In the early 70s, the Trilateral Commission under the inspiration of Samuel Huntington came up with the idea to forcefully bring an end to « the rising expectations » of the citizens and workers. It equally resurrected, albeit in a softer form, the Inquisition with the enforcement of a tight control over the flows of communication backed by a new exclusivist philo-Semite and philo-Zionist « meritocracy » enforce by an archaic « return » to the « deference to Authority ». Tenured university positions were viciously targeted as well as honest and independent artists and journalists. Human equality is sacred, hence exclusivism in all its forms, be it theocratic, racial or cultural, is the most serious crime ever perpetrated against Humanity. Huntington was the same ideologue who had invented the Strategic hamlets in the war against Guatemala and Vietnam and who later came up with the « civilisation clashes » that led to the Preventive War Doctrine with the help of various Dershowitz et al. who advised the emulation of Israel in torturing opponents under medical control (sic!!)

This new deference toward self-conferred Authority involved the privatization of universities, learning institutions, the press and the media. These private institutions depend on Foundations and other sources of funds usually financed with tax-deductable « donations ». Their private influence on the leading and popular social layers is thus mainly financed out of the public purse!

This destructive privatizing and deregulating trend started under Reagan, the pathetic stooge at the service of the Committee on Present Danger and of other reactionary monetarists and war-mongering neo-crusaders. The first decisions made by Reagan as President of the United-States included the massive layoffs of air workers, the brutal ending of the Cola Clause and of legitimate collective bargaining, that is to say of the modest bourgeois industrial democracy (5) and the ushering of workfare and part-time jobs now increasingly transformed into so-called « shitty jobs ». It included the refusal to sign the Law of the Sea which would have created a wealth pool derived from the collective exploitation of the Oceans off the 200 nautical miles exclusive maritime zone reserved to costal Sates. The royalties could have been used to alleviate world poverty. This went along with the launching of the so-called Star War Program which included the deployment of strongly destabilising intermediate ballistic missiles in Europe.

It also included Reagan’s attack against UNESCO. The unilateral suspension of the American financial contribution to that institution – which declares in its founding Charter that culture is the main tool available to eradicate war in the mind of Man – led to the forced resignation of the Senegalese Secretary General of UNESCO, Mr B’ow. (6) The reason for this Reaganian-monetarist onslaught against one of the most prestigious UN Agency is quickly explained. Under Mr. B’ow’s direction it was concluding a long international round of negotiation intended to open the way to a New World Information and Communication Order. ( see: ) .

The US was then preparing to retake control of the World Economy through the FED double digits unilateral raising of interest rates, through a massive new arms race and through the massification of Internet technology. This included the so-called « content model » for online platforms and publications that were capable to capture advertising and other revenues. These were rigorously controlled upstream not only through backdoor cookies but mainly by the return to deference to Authority enforced by information conglomerates. In the context of the crusading war waged against an alleged Axis of Evil based on a shaky and barely plausible narrative, this UNESCO democratisation attempt had to be preventively destroyed.

Bush Sr. followed on Reagan’s – and his so-called Reagan Democrats – footsteps in implementing a strategy aimed at the destruction of all economic and military rivals. Despite official denegation this was soon confirm by two leaked secret documents on March 1992, one from the Pentagon and the other by the States Department. (7) The first victims were Saddam Hussein’s secular Muslim Republic and the last surviving socialist regime in Europe, namely Yugoslavia and later Serbia.

With the Preventive War Doctrine, invoked before the second war against Iraq in 2003, another sinister element was openly added, namely the alleged « war on terrorism » which became the essential tool needed to disarm any external and internal – Patriot Act – democratic dissent to the present philo-Semite Nietzschean regression. This Doctrine is fundamentally illegal. WikiLeaks revelations about the frontally a-constitutional opening of Guantanamo or the treatment inflicted to war prisoners at Abu Gharib and elsewhere were only the tip of the iceberg. The most ominous fact is that this a-constitutional perversion opened the way to a real and unprecedented totalitarianism, albeit in a modern form. Privacy and Habeas corpus are reduced to naught. As I can personally testify, innocent people can be secretly accused and placed under very intrusive surveillance while being subjected to heavy manipulations – such as those timidly described by Philip Zimbardo (8) – without having access to any democratic and judiciary recourse.

It goes even beyond this. Terrorism was engineered in order to legitimate the « war against terrorism » both internationally and more pertinently on the domestic level. Without the prior class-subordination of citizens and proletariats at home and abroad, the Empire of putative « masters of the Earth » would not be able to unleash its counter-revolution. To do so they borrowed the doctrine developed by the Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt . It consists on the artificial creation of an enemy used to instill fear in the hearts and minds of the citizenry and to provoke the sheepish and xenophobic empathy necessary for the emergence of so-called « charismatic » leaders and other duces and führers. The theory was not new: before Orwell, one can find it in the figure of the Great Inquisitor created by Dostoyevsky which sends one back to the Hobbesian Leviathan State in which power is relinquished by free men in exchange of security and thus to power conferred by « divine right ». However, given the irrefutable evidence of Natural Law, these shaky narratives would unravel quickly without some sort of Inquisition and Index. This is exactly where the present danger lies.

Many sources have question the 9-11 Event as a new false flag. However, no one can dispute the fact that ISIS or Daech was a creation of the Mossad and of the US Intelligences services. (9) Such cynical « awakened nihilists’ » manipulations can be dangerous and therefore blowbacks were preventively taken care of. For instance, Stinger missiles were carefully taken out of the hands of the mujahedeen, once used against the former USSR, before the 9/11 Event.  Yet, as past and recent History demonstrates, real blowbacks are relatively few; furthermore, potential terrorists could simply be dealt with by the police with the legal tools already existing before 9-11 and, perhaps, with some strengthening of international collaboration within Interpol etc.  (For instance, we all know that the Egyptian intelligence had warned the US against a potential imminent attack; yet, not only were the warnings ignored but the Norad System was somehow disabled during the few minutes necessary to allow the attack against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon building to take place …).

Of course, if one lacks so-called Islamic freedom fighters, one can always finance and train them, just like it was done with Al Qaeda and Isis and many others. Similarly, if one lacks internal terrorists, why not create them? Remember Zimbardo’s experiments? Just add professional scoundrels qua bourgeois and philo-Semite Nietzschean psychologists and other Freudian psys, arm them with intrusive 24-Hour surveillance and with the power to professionally and socially exclude presumed fragile victims and presto you can engineer the triggering of terrorist actions, more or less at will. Except, of course, when the presumed victims are already apprised of these criminal and incompetent manipulations or when they can rely on democratic institutions to protect their privacy and the security of their person as the constitution demands.

The muzzling of democracy – including normal police and judicial work – with the pretext to fight terrorism allows the manipulation of weak and financially and emotively fragilised individuals. When they are ready to act, it suffices to divert the intelligence and police services to let it happen and quickly blame terrorism, or more precisely Islamic terrorism. As the Gilets Jaunes in France have now understood, the mass-media will usually play their new role as mouthpieces of the dominant crusading regimes. They act as if they were « embedded » in the war. Just use this affirmation as an hypothesis to objectively analysed many recent terrorist acts in the West, including in France. (10)

Demo-cracy is based on science and mass education; authoritarian regimes rest on narratives. I have demonstrated elsewhere the calculated scientific fraud embodied in bourgeois psychology and especially in the dominant philo-Semite Nietzschean Freudian schools. The Austrian-Jew Freud was himself a typical charlatan with a strong desire to « belong »; he thus falsified his medical papers to arrive at his archetypes. He never cured anyone, on the contrary, but until the end of his life he was busy imagining ways and means to reassert control over an increasingly secular society in favor of the dominant classes and groups. He thus tried to come up with the same kind of falsified but plausible narrative for psychology as Nietzsche or Heidegger (11) had done for philosophy. He used the same sources with the same reversing techniques, mostly Vico’s New Science. The Primitive Horde, the initial patricide and ensuing shame etc., are all concepts developed by Vico’s to scientifically ground his science of Human personal – autobiography – and collective – History – becoming. As Human becoming leads to Human emancipation and thus to Human equality, it needed to be reversed. I send the reader back to the chapter entitled « For a Marxist psychoanalysis theory » available in the Livres-Books Section of my old Jurassic site .

To conclude, there is an urgent need for the public founding of alternative media, particularly those online. They could easily be financed if government would reassert control over the revenues generated by advertising, including public and para-public advertising. At a minimum, a free-information tax could be levied on the big private players in the field in order to finance alternative sources of information. Deontological criteria should be developed to preserve if not « objectivity » at least accountability through the empowerment of workers and professionals in their dealing with owners and redaction staffs.

Above all, what I called « Democratic control institutions »  such as Ombudspersons, Citizens’ Complaint Committees for police and court matters are urgently needed to provide free and objective recourses to citizens who are victims of the new philo-Semite Nietzschean totalitarianism in order to insure the payment of due damages, the quick restoration of their reputation and the cleaning up of their personal files. I send the reader back to the latest scoundrelous and criminal manipulation now perpetrated against me in Italy, see « Lettera aperta al governo sulla gravissima mancata risposta dell’Ordine dei Medici di Cosenza, 21 aprile 2019 »  in This open letter will soon be translated.

Perhaps WikiLeaks should envisage a global petition for the release of Ms Manning and Mr. Assange.

With my solidarity

Paul De Marco, former professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.

San Giovanni in Fiore, 27-28 Aprile 2019 


1 ) Here is my answer to the question « What do you mean by philo-Semite Nietzschean »: « Dovere di memoria: cosa intendo con il termine filosemita nietzschiano » in

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3 ) Antonio Gramsci was the victim of a coup monté by the Fascist police that led to his imprisonment. In his sentence, the Fascist judge decreed that such a mind could not be left free to think for the next twenty years. Gramsci was and still is considered one of the greatest – organic – intellectual of all times. The constituent assembly that led to the 1948 Constitution of the Italian Republic, born from the Resistance, had its origin in his analysis. In its Article 12 of the Transitory and Definitive Dispositions it specifically outlaws any return to Fascism, yet Casa Pound is allowed to operate legally and a grotesque racist brown shirt like Steve Bannon is not only allowed to open a institution in the Peninsula but also to serve as an advisor to current ministers!!! And, of course, the P2 was able to reach all its objectives despite the Constitution. See: Antonio Gramsci in as well as my essay « Althusser or why compromising compromises should be rejected », in Download Now in my old Jurassic site ; On Propaganda Due or P2 see

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The later tentative to present this secret report from the US Establishment as a prank is totally ridiculous and seems to amount to a theft of public copyright. It had been leaked and published with a preface by John Galbraith in which the great US economist and diplomat testified on his honour on the authenticity of the Report’s dangerous and anti-democratic proposals. On John Galbraith’s contribution to the US Welfare State, see my « Note 15 on John Galbraith» , in my Keynesianism, Marxism, Economic Stability and Growth, in the Livres-Books section of my old site . Among these proposals, one finds the engineering of a « return » to a society of new slavery and new domesticity and the use of narratives such as climate change to manipulate popular consciousness and assert socio-political and ethico-cultural control over modern societies. The numerous studies commissioned for the writing of the Report are also public domain; their number and range testified that the « prank » was not a solitary one. Its basis was and continues to be what I called « philo-Semite Nietzscheism » a term which I borrowed from the preface by a philo-Zionist writer, Walter Kaufmann, to the reediting of Nietzsche’s works, as is made clear in my « Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare » in the Livres-Books section of as well as in my « Dovere di memoria: cosa intendo con il termine filosemita nietzschiano » in . The basic idea is that Nietzsche’s pre-fascism is fine because the dominant « overmen » on which it would be based would be the result of a breeding of the Prussian Junkers with Jews! Just take an unbiased sociological look at the new matrimonial policies in the West among the so-called Elites as well as on the grotesque over-representation of some minute groups in all higher positions going hand in hand with a furious and at time racist attack on affirmative action policies.

In any case, the laboriously mystified key to the understanding of modern Western Fascism and Nazism is to be found precisely in this philo-Semite Nietzschean exclusivism as testified by the connection between Mussolini-Sarfatti – father and daughter – and by the connection between Hitler and Rosenberg-Warburg et al. Incredibly, this lasted up until the proclamation of the Racial Laws in Italy in … 1938. In Italy no real prosecution of fascist leaders ever took place ( see « Perché l’Italia non si è mai liberata davvero del fascismo » in The Vision .

With the ending of the Second World War, even before the unilateral launching of the Cold War by Churchill’s Fulton Missouri Speech in 1946,  the US quickly put an end to the anti-Nazi-Fascist War Alliance and reverted to a new form of philo-Semitic Nietzscheism. Nazi and Fascist officials were saved and quickly used in the anti-communist and anti-nationalist counter-insurgency policies carried out, especially in Europe and against the decolonizing movements in Africa and Asia. Furthermore, protected philo-Semite Nietzschean so-called philosophers and economists packed public and private foundations and universities, including the well-known Chicago University. They backed various ideological and preeminent crackpots like the Jewish-Austrian von Mises who had advised the Fascist Austrian Chancellor before the Anschluss – but who never changed his mind. These exclusivists and warmongering crackpots became politically and economically dominant in the US with the nomination of Paul Volcker at the FED – 1979 – and with the subsequent election of second-class actor and  « yellow » scab Ronald Reagan, in 1981. With a 20-Year delay most Western countries followed suit in emulating these destructive neoliberal monetarist policies and imperial wars against non-defined external and internal « terrorism », embodied in the Preventive War Doctrine and the liberticidal Patriot Act.

5 ) This is how Lippincott synthesised the argument: « At the present time the very place where tyranny exists in democratic states is in privately owned industry; here power is exercised autocratically and often ruthlessly. To be sure, private ownership of the means of production prevents government from tyrannizing over industry; at the same time, it enables industry to dominate over government and to tyrannize over workers. In view of this condition of things, government ownership of basic industry carried out by a democratic government offers a means of taking autocracy out of industry. » (p 32-33)» in « Marginalist socialism or how to chain oneself in the capitalist cavern », in the International Political Economy section of my old Jurassic site

6 ) The Unesco backed down but eventually came up with a shaky and compromising compromise, namely the defence of « common goods » which, however, could be provided by private enterprises in lieu of the re-assertion of State enterprises and public organisations mandated to deliver universally accessible essential public services. Today, as the Enron bankruptcy made clear, it is obvious that essential services cannot be fairly delivered by private enterprises. The private sector, now dominated by short-term capital, cannot even ensure the maintenance of essential infrastructures such as rail-roads, roads and bridges which are abandoned to their private market-oriented management. Citizens are beneficiaries not mere customers whose accessibility to public services is proportional to the size of their wallets. On the argument see my Tous ensemble, or Book 1 in the Livres-Books section of my old site.

7 ) The first from the Pentagon was quickly confirmed by another leak from the States Department. The former was authored by Paul Wolfowitz and I. Lewis Libby, see . Curiously the Internet link 1992 Wolfowitz U.S. Strategy Plan Document does not seem to work … 

8 ) On Philip Zimbardo see . Years before, French ethnologist and member of the Resistance, Germaine Tillion had analysed the « beyond good and evil » behaviour of young well-educated German girls used as guardians in Nazi camps. I believe that the sense that one could rely on institutional impunity is the main explanation for such evil behavior. Apartheid regimes illustrates this well at the collective level. Unaccountable institutions are always the main culprits.  Germaine Tillion also proposed the crucial concept of « métissage » later developed by Edouard Glissant. See also this : « How the rule of the rabbis is fuelling a holy war in Israel »,13 February 2019, in . This is not knew, as the late Obadiah Yossef’s similar exclusivist delirium made clear, see: . Compare these vicious irrational types with a Gershom Scholem, for instance, and his view on Frank, Zevi or on the modern use of the Star of David. You might recall Spinoza knowingly denouncing the « delirium of the rabbis ».

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