Apparently we need the equivalent of a Covid crisis every year to respect the Paris Climate Accord!!! Are you ready to bailout people that churn out such foolish a-scientific narratives? To be ironic : « There must be a better way! »

1 ) The GDP free fall is reducing CO2 emission but that will not be enough to respect the Paris Accord. This is what an editorial from Le Monde writes:

« The Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped climate change, but it has dramatically reduced CO2 emissions. The fall could thus reach 5.5% worldwide in 2020. If there is no question of causing a sudden cessation of activity identical to the one we are experiencing to reach the trajectory of the Paris Accord on climate change, this crisis provides a measure of the efforts that still need to be made. Carbon emissions will have to fall even more in order to reach the planned objectives. As the High Climate Council pointed out, the health crisis is rich in lessons to face this challenge.» in « Climat : gare à la relance économique « grise », Éditorial , Le MondeEditorial. La mobilisation massive pour sortir de la crise actuelle ne doit pas, comme après celle de 2008, se faire au détriment de la transition écologique. La France doit au contraire renforcer ses ambitions climatiques., in (my translation)

2 ) CO2 emissions will have reduced even more. According to M. Jancovici, a great fan of mechanistic green house effects, to keep the world climate warming below 2 degrees Celsius for 2100, CO2 emissions would have to decrease 4 % every year, which means, he said, the equivalent of a Covid crisis every year. (Check the number of unemployed in the USA as well as in the EU … Meanwhile shareholders in the top 10 % are doing well because their stakes as well as their ecological footprint are bailout by the FED and the ECB.) the Stock exchange is doing well on ) He seriously concludes that everything must be done to reach this goal … See: « Jancovici dans l’émission #EtApres sur France 2 – 16/04/2020 »,

3 ) Meany people are not convinced about the ecological motivations behind the Green New Deal, which appears more and more like a bailout for capitalist entrepreneurs. See : « Leftists Fume As Michael Moore Turns On Fraudulent “Green” Movement In Latest Movie », by Tyler Durden , Sun, 05/03/2020 – 22:20

4 ) Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace left that boat because of issues with the NGO’s a-scientific narrative. See : « Patrick Moore – The Sensible Environmentalist » in,

See also : « La vera storia di Greenpeace » in  Or: « Patrick Moore: Why I Left Greenpeace » in

5 ) Some people now express their concerns in a straight forward fashion, for instance : « Global Warming Fraud Exposed In Pictures » by Tyler Durden , Tue, 10/01/2019 – 12:25

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

See also the site : or in English and « Meet the Climate Realists Saturday », 09 January 2016 ,

6 ) My own contribution can be found in the Category Ecomarxismo of this same site, for instance a piece in English entitled « Climate and indoctrination » in

7 ) Meanwhile there some good news: the Ozone Hole over the Arctic has reduced drastically in October 2019, that is before the pandemic economic crisis reduced CO2 emissions. Remember that, not only CO2 is beneficial for vegetation, but IPCC Models do not account for permafrost and for Oceans which together release huge amount of CO2 when the temperature increases.

As suggested in one of my pieces, this healing is probably due to the cyclical change in the temperature of the high atmosphere. See : «The Largest Ozone Hole Ever Recorded Over North Pole Has Finally “Healed Itself” & Closed »by Tyler Durden, Thu, 04/30/2020 – 04:20 , Authored by Elias Marat via,

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