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Re: The Great Transformation: Robots Will Displace 20 Million Jobs By 2030, by Tyler Durden , Fri, 06/28/2019 – 23:45

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This is a most perfect socio-economic development! The Reduction of the Work-week for the same initial full-time pay but with better social benefits will win in China, hence everywhere in the World. The new anti-dumping definition needed to secure the « global net revenue » of the working citizens and their households is inevitable, in one form or other. (1) Aside from the increased introduction of robots, AI and generally greater productivity, we also know that the neoliberal monetarist free-trade so-called « asymmetric interdependence » has failed miserably with the unstoppable rise of Eurasia, the Brics and other countries. The stocks and flows of international trade are mutating profoundly and permanently.

Everyone will understand that Equality is sacred hence that Exclusivism is the most serious crime against Humanity; consequently exclusivist sects and shitty States, their Apartheid and their palestinisation of citizens and gentile peoples will be buried for good. A new giant leap toward general Human emancipation is in the offing. (2)

The accelerated substitution of traders by AI and robots would free lost of engineers for better socio-economic tasks! The substitution of speculative finance with public credit and socio-economic planning based on scientific statistics has become ineluctable. (3)

We know that economic activities and jobs lost during big recessions or depressions are never totally re-gained. In the current situation, this means that State’s guarantees to businesses during the Covid-19 crisis will transform into public debt for at least 70 or 90 % of them, while the public debt is already rising exponentially due to the current health-economic crisis adding to earlier factors and contradictions linked to the debilitating hegemony of speculative finance. (4) This means an extra debt increase of at least 3 % or 4 % of GDP for both France and Italy, and other countries. For one, this adds to the quasi-bankruptcy of the current shitty State of Italy – which ordinarily violates all basic human and constitutional rights with the wall-to-wall complicity of all institutions. Such States are always doomed. Italy’s recourse to the European neoliberal monetarist programs – Sure, Mes, Recovery etc – will transform it into a kind of colonial trusteeship worse than that imposed on Greece few years ago, but this will be done with the servile domestic acquiescence of corrupt and incompetent Italian leaders, transversally and in every sphere of activity.(5)

The current and coming jobs losses will destroy the paycheck social contributions hence Social security programs but also the general fiscal revenue needed to palliate. Furthermore, the mutation of the World economic interdependency means that the neoliberal monetarist narrative is now doomed together with its repugnant use of the Nietzschean Hammer as testified by the actual rainbow popular uprisings in the USA. Or by the Gilets jaunes in France. Although the exclusivists perennial losers will try to go for broke (6), the days are over for their criminal wars of civilization intent on rebuilding the « temple » of Exclusivism, obscurantism and racism, as well as for their criminal « wars » on – undefined and self-nurtured – « terrorism » with its totalitarian Patriot acts and various other domestic pathological policy choices, including the use of torture on ordinary citizens learned from pathologically criminal Israeli Zionists.

Olivier Passet has made the point again noting that with the reopening the post-Covid economy will be approximately 5 % of GDP lower compared to its pre-crisis level, this being the portion that is hardest to recouped after any crisis. Meanwhile, as we know, new sectors and new intermediary sectors are all increasingly capital-intensive. See: Entreprises : la tragédie optimiste (3ème enquête exclusive Xerfi sur la crise),

Confusion is great under the sky; the situation could not be better!

Paul De Marco


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See also my Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme in the Livres-Books section of the same site. On the criminal annexation of Palestine see the map here : di Bassam Saleh Clearly the Writing is on the Wall and the Day of reckoning approaching fast …

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6 ) See my satire on the exclusivist neoliberal monetarist recovery plans and post-covid-19 world : )

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