Commenti disabilitati su SARS-CoV-2 = mRNA gene therapy vaccines, side effects, leukemia, interference with the human genome? Here is a quick check on gene therapy. January 5, 2021.

(I must repeat that I am not a doctor in medicine. However, I take Prof. Testart seriously about the necessary role of citizens).

Gene Therapy: (In French for the analysis of Alain Fischer’s experiments quoted below) or else see :

(See also: Messenger ribonucleic acid )

Quick comment: Obviously these techniques, which are undoubtedly promising, do not yet give convincing results but they are, for the moment, very, very risky. In the following quotes we can verify what to fear: in addition to the expected side effects, we have to consider viral interferences, leukemias, other cancers and possible messing up with the chromosome that can only be observed in the long term. In short, all the things that Prof. Perronne and some of his team warned citizens against. Prof. Perronne and many of his colleagues had the courage to speak out despite intolerable methods of intimidation and delegitimization. (1))

However, in the current context, with the hastily made pseudo-vaccines qua gene therapies, we are dangerously moving from targeted individual experiments to mass experiments. This is carried out without the slightest hindsight and without really being able to claim urgency – compassionate prescriptions -, because well-functioning treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin are automatically discarded without any medically or scientifically acceptable reason. This is despite the low mortality and lethality rates when these treatments are administered promptly upon detection of the first symptoms. (2) The same seems to be true for ivermectin * etc.

Phase 3 studies are not yet available. We only have preliminary rushed reports, at best. Therefore, no one has the hindsight to legally authorize such a mass experiment. Especially since no one can say anything about the real efficacy of these “vaccine” therapies – for instance the duration of antibodies, the protection/healing of the vaccinated, the risk of re-infection, the risk of contagion to others. Things are so rushed and botched that even after vaccination, one will still have to wear a mask, respect social distancing , wash hands often, and endure repeated lockdowns due to the risk posed by new variants… This makes no reasonable human or economic sense.

What do these speeches from pharmaceutical companies reveal when, faced with new variants such as English, South African or Italian variants, they promise to adapt their platforms in order to propose modified vaccines that would take them into account in the 6-week arc? Will it then be necessary to be vaccinated every two months, with the almost certain risk that Sars CoV-2 will escape the vaccine antibodies like the HIV virus? Given that South-African citizens were inoculated without their knowledge can someone rule out that the new and more dangerous South-African variant has not over-ruled the antibody produced by the vaccine used? It seems a legitimate question that begs for a quick answer.

All of this happens even as we all know that vaccine efficacy decreases sharply with age, while the vast majority of Sars CoV-2 deaths are among the cohort over 75-80 years of age.

Gentle and frightened peoples are being deliberately led to an announced disaster that will also engulf our States in an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. We must react.

In view of the ignominious French proposed law on bioethics that opens the door to chimeras, referring to Marlon Brando’s film The Island of Dr. Moreau takes on a whole new meaning. And what should we think of the drift towards totalitarian rather than authoritarianism thanks to which “the police and gendarmerie will be able to file political opinions, union affiliations, and health data in the name of public security or State security,” the Council of State ruled in summary proceedings on Monday, January 4, rejecting the requests of the CGT, FO, FSU, and human rights organizations that denounced the great “dangerousness” of these files. (translated) (3)

We no longer recognize France, nor Italy, we no longer recognize our democratic republics nor their constitutions, even though they were born out of the Resistance to Nazi-fascism….

This is simply criminal. It is a real premeditated war against sovereign peoples, free to dispose of themselves, an attempt to Palestinianize them in order to impose philo-Semite Nietzschean against their will. “Once again,” as their master Nietzsche would say. (4)

How is it that no one has gone to the European Court to demand the immediate cessation of these dangerous mass experiments and to at a minimum demand to wait for the results of the full studies that need to be spread over at least 7 to 10 years? Indeed, as we have pointed out above, there does exist really effective and non onerous treatment alternatives with no side effects on the human genome!!!

The doctors of Mille Medici per la Costituzione are right: it seems that this is a matter for a Nuremberg Tribunal or for the International Criminal Court in Rome. (5) Or, at the very least, for a Russell Tribunal.

Here are the quotes on gene therapy:

“Enthusiasm and disenchantment. The years 1990 to 2000 saw the emergence of a myriad of clinical trials in a wide variety of pathologies: cancer, heart and vascular diseases, viral infections, hereditary immunodeficiencies… associated with a major infatuation of the public (particularly through the Telethon) and investors. Poorly served by communication that does not distinguish between reality in the field and hypotheses, faced with industrial players or patients who expect immediate positive results [ref. necessary], gene therapy is quickly confronted with the bitter conclusion that emerges from this period: no real benefit is observed for the 4,000 or so patients enrolled in the 400 to 600 trials [ref. necessary] carried out during this period. Difficulties of communication between the academic scientific community and that of industry, a progressive disengagement of venture capitalists from gene therapy approaches, and mistrust concerning the real potential of this strategy dominated the end of the last decade of the 20th century [ref. necessary]. »


As for Prof. Alain Fischer – the current French Monsieur Vaccin – and his experiments: “The therapy consisted in transferring a functional gene into the blood cells of these patients that restored the functionality of the interleukin-2 receptor. Initially, it proved to be a complete success with the patients’ recovery4 : most of the babies were able to come out of their bubbles and live a normal life. However, four of these patients out of the 20 or so children treated with this type of therapy developed leukemia after a few years5. There is considerable evidence that the type of vector used could integrate into sensitive regions of the genome, and by deregulating certain genes, such as the proto-oncogene LMO26 (a gene frequently found activated in natural lymphomas) could participate in these forms of induced leukemia. This integration of the vector can be correlated with the anarchic multiplication of undifferentiated white blood cells that cause leukemia. This would therefore be a direct side effect attributable to the strategy itself, even if the development of this type of leukemia has not been detected in the majority of patients involved in the various clinical trials of this type carried out worldwide. »

Get informed! Natural and constitutional rights are only worthwhile if citizens are mobilized to defend them.

Paul De Marco

Notes :

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3 ) Le Conseil d’Etat autorise l’élargissement des fichiers de police, Les décrets permettant le fichage des opinions politiques, des appartenances syndicales ou des données de santé avaient été publiés le 4 décembre.

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4 ) Pour certains pitres notoires, le chaos économique et “climatique” appelle un contrôle militaire … par l’armée américaine. Déjà en 2009, J. Attali pensait qu’une bonne pandémie pourrait aider à atteindre ce noble objectif.

Voir : Attali : une petite pandémie permettra d’instaurer un gouvernement mondial !

Voir: « Tiens, tiens… Attali en 2009 : « une petite pandémie permettra d’instaurer un gouvernement mondial »…, » 14 Mar 2020Christine TasinLiberté d’expression, Mondialisation, République et laïcité

Ainsi que : « PJ TV : Paul Jorion a invité Jacques Attali » •Premiered Apr 9, 2020, PJ TV : Paul Jorion a invité Jacques Attali – YouTube At 15.30 mn

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Sul transumanesimo (2) si può cominciare con questo link:

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