Commenti disabilitati su SARS-CoV-2 = Western Vaccines, New Facts about a nearly announced disaster to please Big Pharma, Dec. 27, 2020.

(I must repeat that I am not a medical doctor. However, I take Prof. Testart seriously about the necessary role of citizens).

Hooking, deletion, escape mechanisms, disruption – suppression of protein synthesis: as the English say “The writing is on the wall”.

Critical debate must be based on facts; accusations of “conspiracy” or “fake news” that ignore facts and the deontology of scientific debate are nothing more than unconstitutional totalitarian excesses. Too many doctors, especially in Italy, receive large sums of money from large pharmaceutical companies but do not declare their conflict of interest, risking to lose credibility and sometimes putting patients’ lives at risk. We have heard no excuses or corrections regarding the danger of remdesivir, which was recommended even after it was shown to be harmful to the kidneys.

We have noted in previous posts the remdesivir scandal. Responsible drug dealers and others did not hesitate to promote it despite the information that was beginning to circulate about its ineffectiveness and in particular its toxicity, especially to patients’ kidneys.

We have already mentioned that, assuming these vaccines protect and cure the vaccinated – which is still unknown; everything points to the contrary – they will not protect them from reinfection and will not ensure that the vaccinated do not infect others. ( Added Dec. 29, 2020: See « WHO Chief Scientist Warns “No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission” , by Tyler Durden, Tuesday, Dec 29, 2020 – 5:44, Under such circumstances those governments, like the Italian government, that too easily speak of obligation to vaccinate when we are dealing with untested genetic therapy, would risk penal suit, including to the International Penal Court, for knowingly placing people’s life in danger and for crime against Humanity through the imposition of unduly tested and unsafe mass genetic therapies. All should read their constitution together with the Nuremburg Accord. Citizens must have access to free and valid testing and to existing treatment. Untested vaccines and above all untested genetic therapies might at most be the object of expressed informed individual consents as long as they do not violate medical and research deontological codes.)

Furthermore, despite claims to the contrary, no one yet knows how long the antibody coverage of these vaccines or rather these gene therapies will last. No one yet has the data for a period long enough to say, for example, that coverage will be 6-7 or 12 months. The emergence of new variants and new mutations reinforce all of these legitimate concerns.

We have emphasized the fact that, under these conditions, herd immunity through vaccine(s) remains illusory – some have jokingly suggested that each person should be vaccinated with two vaccines to increase the effects! This explains why a mechanical analysis of Ro’s rationale, which leaves aside many intervening variables such as allergies, etc., is not possible. Here, for example, is a mechanical analysis of this Ro logic, which leaves out many intervening variables. It correctly estimates that the percentages of people who need to be vaccinated to reach these immune thresholds are likely to increase substantially. It is therefore understandable why someone like Dr. Fauci now estimates that it is no longer 60% or 70% but close to or more than 90% of people who should be vaccinated … if, however, the vaccine effectiveness rate is well above 90%, and not 62% …. (see threshold analysis here: For Dr. Fauci’s antics see ” Did Fauci Just Admit He Lied About Herd Immunity To Trick Americans Into Vaccine? “, by Tyler Durden, Thursday, Dec 24, 2020 – 15:15, )

We have already mentioned that, assuming these vaccines protect and cure the vaccinated – which is still unknown – they will not protect them from re-infection and will not ensure that the vaccinated do not infect others. Despite claims to the contrary, no one yet knows how long the antibody coverage of these vaccines or rather these gene therapies will last. No one yet has the data for a period long enough to say, for example, that coverage will be 6-7 or 12 months. New variants and new mutations reinforce all of these legitimate concerns.

This is why vaccination volunteerism will not be enough and why some, as in France, will be tempted to resort to the pro-Semitic Nietzschean Hammer in the form of totalitarian drift. Indeed, the so-called vaccination passport will violate the mobility of citizens – the Palestinization of gentile peoples? – but it seems to be the only recourse for our misguided Western leaders. This masks the lack of data on the consequences – cancers, transmission of deformities by gametes – that may emerge from these mass experiments of gene therapies not properly verified but worthy of the Island of Dr. Moreau.

As for Western vaccines, especially those with mRNA, it looks even worse. (Dec 29, 2020: it is said that the new technology based on a platform can accommodate for changes to deal with mutations. But given the antibody evasion if confirmed this would be very dangerous indeed. The UK variant was said to be 70 % more dangerous than the initial strains present before March of this year. Which Rt do we want to be confronted too in rapid sequences? That is « We, the people » not Big Pharma …)

As it happens, we can specify the most obvious problems that will arise and are already occurring with the known variants – GB in particular. ( Added Dec 29, 2020: the current Italian variant is as dangerous, see : ) And we already know that there is a South African variant and a Nigerian mutation. The leaders who seek to impose vaccines are not ignoring them, as they are already saying that those who are vaccinated will have to continue to wear masks and comply with all social distancing measures. What then are these vaccines good for, other than boosting Big Pharma’s profits and spreading the illusion of a solution to the health crisis for the consumption of the kind and gullible masses?

In a very nice article on the British variant we find essential biological information. Sars-CoV-2 is the longest known coronavirus – plus or minus 30,000 sequences. Variations and mutations produce easier docking on the cell to be infected, and amino acid variations promote escape mechanisms to antibodies. If this escape occurs in relation to antibodies newer than those used to make vaccines with the first strains of the virus published at the beginning of the crisis, then it looks very serious. Chronologically, however, it can hardly be otherwise.

Moreover, the mechanism of elimination of amino acids that would have become less effective for the survival and spread of the virus is compounded by the mechanism of disruption and suppression of protein synthesis according to the same Darwinian viral strategy.

This virus is very pro-active and we know that it contains operational fragments of the HIV virus for which there is no vaccine yet, precisely because of these escape mechanisms. This is potentially even more serious than anything else because these mechanisms can involve cells other than lung cells. Symptoms on the brain – smell and taste -, skin and kidneys are already known. In addition to the unknown but potential reverse transcription issues, which may interfere with the Human genetic background, it would seem prudent to closely monitor clinical data other than lung damage.

As in the case of HIV, classical medical treatment should therefore be initiated very quickly to eradicate the virus and limited to very localized cases so that it can be treated immediately at the first symptoms, Chinese or Marseille style.

In order not to lose face, Western governments should simply give citizens and their physicians legal access to the treatments of their choice, whether it be Raoult’s protocol treatment – hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycine – or ivermectin, or vaccines. It is imperative that those who will be receiving vaccines be made aware of the drastically shortened timeframe for Phase I, II, and especially III trials and subsequent follow-up studies, as well as the potential dangers. It usually take form 7 to 10 years to validate a new vaccine. Most importantly, the patients that get the vaccines should be subjected to rigorous and free medical supervision. The announced disaster should be minimized. Otherwise, citizens should be prepared to demand electoral and legal accountability, since the direct responsibility of leaders is committed and cannot be covered by undemocratic expert opinions because they disregard known facts and criticism of them.

Moreover, this English variant is likely to escape PCR. This is potentially the case with other variations, e.g., what is known about the Nigerian mutation? For now the PCR method i.e. molecular testing is generally reliable under 35 cycles of amplification.

For the above topics, see, “UK: a variant of the highly mutated coronavirus SARS-CoV-2,” published December 21, 2020 by Marc Gozlan,


Add in the fact that self-replicating mRNA does not last longer than 2 months in animal models, hence the attempt to make it self-amplifying. This means, at best, a few more weeks or months for vaccines. However, the ADE is also taken into account. We are told that these therapies do not involve antibody neutralization. But this is not guaranteed.

Let’s assume for a moment that this is true. We already know from the GB variant that these antibodies can be neutralized. So vaccines will be useless because they will not eliminate this loophole, but on the contrary will amplify it. Consequently, the mechanisms of elimination and disruption-suppression of protein synthesis may lead to reverse transcription, as feared by Prof. Perronne.

See: ” This messenger RNA is encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles. A study published in July 2020 in the journal Nature Communications showed that this prototype vaccine induced robust production of specific neutralizing antibodies and a cellular immune response in mice. The researchers also state that they did not observe in vitro production of facilitating antibodies, through a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). In fact, it is necessary to ensure in the laboratory that some non-neutralizing antibodies do not facilitate the penetration of the virus into cells. This self-replicating messenger RNA encoding the Spike protein of CoV-2-SARS is in a phase I clinical trial to evaluate its safety in healthy volunteers.” (translated ) See : L’aventure scientifique des vaccins à ARN messager – Réalités Biomédicales (

It remains to better analyze the action of vitamin D which is known to make a difference at all stages of this viral disease, but especially at the end, in the most severe cases. Because, obviously, it acts on the immune system – probably, during the last phase, with mechanisms that reduce the immune storm.

Paolo De Marco

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