Commenti disabilitati su SARS-CoV-2. Why are the adverse effects of mRNA gene therapies given as « vaccines » hidden? The public needs to know. January 20, 2021.

(I’m not a doctor in medicine but a citizen who takes prof. Testart seriously about the role of citizens.)

If governments and health authorities expect 2.5% adverse effects in the first 5 days following the mRNA pseudo-vaccine injection, with thousands of people now vaccinated, citizens have the right to know the figures and to be informed of the follow-up, which is likely to lead to even more serious effects. (1) They must also tell us what these “vaccines” are for, as they do not cure the vaccinated or protect them from re-infection, or guarantee that they will not contaminate others. Under these conditions they will not end the disastrous lockdowns …

The numerous variants of Sars CoV-2 render the objective of herd immunity illusory because the virus will continue to evolve to escape the antibodies; there will remain only a pharmaco-totalitarian drift that will want to multiply the mRNA gene therapies sold as “vaccines” although they will poison the human body for a long time and risk affecting the human genome. Lockdown without the immediate treatment of those who test positive – with the protocol of prof. Raoult, ivermectin etc. – represents a deliberate attack against people’s health.

I believe that all citizens have a duty to share verifiable scientific information, especially when malicious governments fail to do so. After clarifying a few basic principles, I will summarize the new scientific facts that have come to my knowledge – in particular the words of Prof. Dolores Cahill on the serous dangers of pseudo-mRNA vaccines as well as the clarifications of the IHU of Marseille and those of Maître Brusa – Reaction 19. We will conclude by giving some examples of the conflicts of interest that seem to prevail for many doctors and researchers, particularly within the current Western scientific committees that have stubbornly produced the current sanitary and socio-economic disaster.

1 ) Science is the method based on the rigorous logical apprehension of reality that allows the verification of theories by facts. It is ontologically egalitarian since there can be no possible intersubjective space without the equality of the speakers.

2 ) We are in complete agreement on conspiracy theories, especially since the attacks of 9/11 (2): for the proponents of “deference to Authority – self-conferred – and of the “authorized flows of communication”, science is a conspiracy against their narratives, especially the dominant exclusive narratives. In the same way, the Law of Great Numbers, a democratic antibody to the over-representation of self-selected people and casts, is necessarily anti-Semitic in the ordinary but inaccurate sense of the term since non-Hebrew Semites are far more numerous .

3 ) No one is Anti-Vaccine – NO-VAX – when vaccines are well done. Current mRNA gene therapies do not meet the criteria to be legally listed as vaccines. Furthermore, since the studies were not conducted according to the methodology and code of ethics, these therapies should not even be prescribed as compassionate treatment, even ignoring the fact that effective alternative therapies with little or no side effects are actually available – including the protocol of Prof. Raoult, ivermectin, etc., while vitamins C and D are known to improve the immune system.

4 ) Many citizens are rightly suspicious. In fact, no one is fooled by the Veblen-inspired strategy of triggering a puerile competition between people over the accessibility of dangerous pseudo-vaccines, as if running the risk of such a hastily performed gene therapy was a privilege! Some people even go so far as to propose in the media a distribution according to the GDP in order to stir up jealousy and discrimination between citizens of the Centre and the periphery. They would do better to demand a public debate; at the very least, a standard consent form should be established by which people would be informed of all the dangers involved in the short, medium and long term. I therefore refer here to Reaction 19 of Master Brusa ( ).

5 ) In addition to the deaths officially attributed to SARS-CoV-2, there is a significant excess mortality that is likely due to a number of factors, such as people dying in their homes from the virus or other diseases, deaths due to extensive deprogramming, etc. (2) Thus, for the year 2020, Istat counts more than 30,000 cases of excess mortality in addition to the more than 83,000 deaths due to the coronavirus to date in Italy (see ) If we continue with the strategy of confining people without immediate and proper care to avoid saturating hospitals still doomed to further budget cuts and privatization while counting the deaths, we will quickly reach the point where the emergency will seem to be slowing down due to the death of many people at risk, especially the elderly. In the meantime, the general epidemiological framework will be greatly undermined by mRNA injections with effects that are likely to be more significant as time goes by – organ failure due to over-immunity, cancers, leukemia, mutations transmitted to descendants, etc. – and the effects on the health of the population will be even greater.

6 ) If, as is highly probable, these gene therapies will produce a lasting disintegration of the general epidemiological framework, since citizens are treated as guinea pigs, we must add to this the mass psychological disintegration that is occurring now as a result of the de-socializing due to irrational lockdowns imposed without the rapid treatment of the persons tested positive before their eventual admission to hospital, as well as to the explosion of inequalities due to the induced economic crisis and the insecurity induced by the incessant attacks against the so-called “social safety nets”, in particular the 4 pillars of Social Security. Meanwhile, financial speculation and the stock market are flourishing as never before.

7 ) The manna of gene therapies presented as vaccines against Sars CoV-2 was estimated by Bill Gates at around $65 billion by vaccinating all humans on the planet once a year. Today we are told that Pfizer expects to raise nearly $19 billion by 2021. But because of the variants, which are multiplying like viruses do for instance the influenza, Big Pharma announces that their platforms will be able to quickly modify their « vaccines » to take into account the mutations in 6 weeks! It will then be enough to take into account the production and distribution times. Will it therefore be necessary to inject mRNA that can trigger a dangerous, even fatal, immune overreaction for the weakest – as Prof. Dolores Cahill points out below – and modify the human genome? And this despite the fact that effective and now proven alternatives do exist, such as the protocol of Prof. Raoult – hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin – or ivermectin, etc., knowing also that the mortality of those who test positive decreases sharply if they take zinc and vitamins C and D as a preventive measure.

I believe that this is a matter for criminal law, or even for a Nuremberg Tribunal, or at least a Russell Tribunal, which should be set up quickly so that there can be a real public debate that will bring out the information that Western governments tend to hide. If tax evasion and money laundering produce their share of corruption, it seems that legislation should frame and reinforce the standards concerning conflicts of interest. This is all the more so as the State withdraws more and more every day from the financing of universities and research, so that scientific objectivity is lost. And with it, the concern for the general interest according to the precautionary principle.

8 ) Given the many mutations already noted, the vaccination passport is pure idiocy in medical terms. It is only a useless totalitarian drift unworthy of our Republics, born of the Resistance to Nazifascism. Putting things in the worst possible way, it would be enough to require a negative PCR test in certain cases, for example when taking a plane or traveling abroad. This idiocy resembles the clearly totalitarian inspiration of tracking apps. This consists in tracking all the movements of people and taking private information about them to market them or manipulate them in other illicit and illegal ways for instance by by crossing files etc… This even though social distancing does not explain the majority of the contaminations which are mainly due to touch, which is independent of distancing. You climb into the subway, you grab a handle to hold you, but it had been touched by a contaminated person who got off the car before you came and you have a good chance of contaminating yourself. Then you go home and risk infecting your relatives, especially if you live in a small apartment … If you have to quarantine yourself, neither you nor your relatives will have logistical support from the authorities – unlike countries like China, which take the health of their citizens to heart because they are not followers of the Jewish-Austrian fascist Ludwig Mises, one of the founders of the neoliberalism that triumphs today, for whom it is the public hospital that creates illness … which would otherwise be a matter of personal will. – I encourage the reader to take a look at the Note 8 here – But the priority and rigorous measures to be taken for public transport, workplaces, and schools and universities are not the concern of Western governments, which are on the contrary ready to sacrifice, without the slightest hesitation, workers, families, and students alike.

9 ) Given the seriousness of the situation, an immediate moratorium on these pseudo-mRNA « vaccines » is needed and a real public debate must be launched, which must also include the validity of the current amendment to the law of bioethics – which now in France and elsewhere is prone to allow the manufacture of chimeras. Growing a liver on a pig because the pig is omnivorous like humans is problematic but where does it stop? Will you also grow a brain? Likewise, since forced sorting or triage at any age due to neoliberal monetarist bed cuts and the use of Rivotril etc. in Ehpad or seniors homes by decree cannot be tolerated in a civilized society, the code of ethics must be strengthened to avoid these drifts towards active euthanasia and mass eugenics. Finally, the debate should also focus on the necessary and urgent strengthening of international arms control treaties and, first and foremost, treaties concerning biological weapons.

Summary of the comments of prof. Dolores Cahill in an interview with France Soir, to whom we owe objective information on this pandemic so badly managed by the public authorities.

The interview is conducted in English with subtitles.

Prof. Dolores Cahill : “il n’y a pas besoin de confinement” [VOSTFR], France Soir,

Prof. Dolores Cahill underlines first of all that containment is not effective as it is implemented in our countries, whereas treatments exist that are able to cure people suffering from Sars CoV-2 while strengthening their immune system and reducing the viral load. She mentions the protocol of prof. Raoult, ivermectin, zinc, vitamins C and D, in particular. In the successive phases when patients end up in hospital, which would only concern a minority of the cases treated, oxygen, anticoagulants, corticosteroids etc., have their importance.

(It is clear that confining without immediate treatment and, moreover, sending the positive patients home without care, waiting for them to get worse and then being admitted to the emergency hospital in serious conditions, is, in my opinion, a matter of criminal negligence or perhaps worse it qualifies as a crime by premedication, especially now that this new disease is better known.

Given the existence of several variants of Sars CoV-2 and their specific evolution, containment can help slow down the contagion and reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths, but this strategy can only pay off if it is accompanied by prompt care and appropriate logistics. This is quickly demonstrated when comparing Marseille to the Great East of France – where, in the midst of the crisis, some people were still talking about cutting hospital beds! Or, again, compare our newly philo-Semite Nietzschean countries who wage war against the masses « once again , and, in a typical Nietzschean fashion do consider citizens as « populaces » and «multitudes » of «chandalas » and « rubbles » (3 ), with China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Kerala, even Madagascar. A total regional or national lockdown of 1 or 2 months accompanied by rapid treatment and solid public logistics makes a big difference. Without care one only multiplies the variants, a multiplication that will quickly become dramatic in my opinion because Sars CoV-2 mutates to evade the antibodies produced by vaccines and the gene therapies).

Prof. Cahill also clarified the issue of PCR testing – prof. Raoult had already warned that beyond 30 to 35 amplification cycles the test was no longer reliable. She insisted on sequencing. Recently, the WHO has also called for more sequencing, given the proliferation of variants that are feared to invalidate the much-vaunted but unproven efficacy of vaccines, especially dangerous gene therapies.

According to her, licensed vaccines are generally valid, so there is no question of being NO-VAX when they are well done. She adds (at 54:10 minutes) that some contain heavy metals that the human body does not remove well, especially aluminum, which can interfere with brain cells. Prof. Joyeux also explains that, for the same reason, children should not be vaccinated during the very first months of life because it can interfere with the development of their immune system, which seems to be common sense.

At 55:45 min and following, she points out that health authorities say that 1 in 40 – 2.5% – of those vaccinated suffer undesirable side effects in the first 5 days because of these “vaccines” or gene therapies. In Ireland, she notes that the pandemic caused 2 deaths out of 1 million for those over 65 years old, which she compares to the 1/40 ratio resulting from adverse effects. She concludes that the risk of suffering side effects is very high, up to 1,000 to 10,000 times the risk of dying from Covid-19. This is in the knowledge that the fatal form of Sars-CoV-2 is preventable if treated promptly, including in the elderly population most at risk.

At 56:47 min she discusses the issue of mRNA “vaccines”. No coronavirus vaccines have been licensed to date – despite the 2003 attempt to control SARS, because the animals used in these experiments died after the second injections, ranging from 20%, 30%, and 50%. In one of these studies, all animals died. Another RNA vaccine – for respiratory diseases – was administered to 35 children and infants. Two died and others experienced adverse events that prompted withdrawal of the vaccine. Thus, no mRNA vaccine has been used in the United States to date.

Then at 57:56 minutes, she explains how these mRNA vaccines «work ». Because of the injection, you don’t develop antibodies immediately. But the mRNA will lodge in your cells to be read by the ribosome and cause the virus to replicate. Once immunity is triggered, the antibodies then try to eliminate the cells because they express the virus’ spike protein. This triggers an autoimmune response – the immunity storm – that can affect various organs and cause them to fail and vaccinated individuals to die. Beyond the age of 70, triggering the immune system in this way will make people weaker, especially if they have co-morbidities and the “vast majority of them will die”. Added to this is the viral interference with other viruses, e.g. influenza … (We will see below that prof. Raoult confirms what was publicly revealed by the courageous prof. Perronne, namely that it is impossible to exclude the process of reverse transcriptase by which mRNA can interfere with human chromosomes, leading to mutations which can then be transmitted to descendants by gametes).

At 1:02:10 min she summarizes. These pseudo-vaccines are even more dangerous with 2 injections rather than one as far as side effects and risk of death are concerned. And the situation is likely to worsen with the arrival of seasonal influenza.

At 1:05:16 she points out that mRNA vaccines do not meet the criteria for vaccines – they are strictly speaking gene therapies or medical treatments. Therefore, they are not legally a part of vaccination and should not be subject to a compassionate exception for this category … (Naturally, the following questions arise: What then about the legal immunity granted to Big Pharma? Is it effective if the vaccinated persons have not been informed beforehand of all the risks involved ? Don’t doctors and governments who actively encourage this pseudo-vaccination fall under criminal law in the absence of such informed consent?)

The last clarifications of prof. Raoult’s final clarifications. See: “Riri, Fifi and Loulou make science”,

Here we will stick to three crucial points. First, according to some studies, the use of remdesivir, already discouraged because of its uselessness against the virus and its toxicity for the kidneys, is mutagenic. Thus, a weakened or immune-compromised person subjected to remdesivir will tend to favour Sars CoV-2 mutations, which may well be the origin of the current English variant, which PM Johnson says is 70% more contagious and could invalidate the efficacy of vaccines. (The situation seems much worse for the South African-Brazilian variant, which no one today can exclude that it appeared to escape the mRNA vaccine tested on African populations without really informing them … This should be checked as soon as possible instead of accelerating the pace of these dangerous pseudo-vaccinations). Although I am not a medical doctor, I am personally afraid that Sars CoV-2 with its many laboratory modifications, especially with regard to the position of furin – whose patent was mentioned by the great geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Caude – will mutate against vaccines as it did against remdesivir. We then risk having different sets of mutations for each vaccine and this could happen differently in different regions. How many mRNA pseudo-vaccines will we need to inject in a year?

According to prof. Raoult, whose IHU was early able to do reliable PCR in 20 minutes or a few hours at the most, announces further progress in this area with new primers and probes. This is far from insignificant given the very low lethality rate – deaths/positive tests – in Marseille, where patients are treated as soon as the first symptoms are verified, compared to the rest of France and the Western world where they send people home to wait..

Thirdly – towards the end – prof. Raoult confirms the possibility of reverse transcriptase. Contrary to some let us say lesser informed narrators, he points out with some amused irony that this has been known since 1989. Reverse transcriptase can cause the mRNA to go up to the chromosomes …

Because of the demagogy of the authorities transformed into Big Pharma drug pushers , what is the consent of the vaccinated people worth, especially if it is not written?

I thus refer the reader to the site Reaction 19 of lawyer Maître Brusa ( ).

Some facts on conflicts of interests.

To be sure, all you need to do is take a look at the evolution of the pandemic worldwide. You will immediately see that its real seriousness in the philo-Semite Nietzschean , especially in the West, is extremely higher than in the emerging countries. The latter still seek to treat people – and do so rather well with generic drugs – rather than actively seeking to treat them as gentile guinea pigs to be made available free of charge to the abusive experiments of those who have embarked on a new and exclusivist march towards transhumanism. The cases of China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Kerala – part of India fortunately governed by the Left – or even New Zealand are convincing. See the statistics here: .

The privatization of the health system and its subservience to Big Pharma make the difference. This leads us to conflicts of interest. A study has been published that shows very clearly the very strong correlation between opposition to hydroxychloroquine and having conflicts of interest with Gilead. I refer you to the edifying article « Les revenus versés par Big Pharma : dérives et conflits d’intérêts …» ,

Here is the quote regarding “Top 13 in the ranking of recent revenues paid by the pharmaceutical industry. “ It’s worth its weight in gold! Thus:

« N°1. The Palme d’Or goes to Professor François Raffi of Nantes. 541,729 €, including 52,812 € from Gilead.

Is it by chance that we are told that the anonymous phone call to threaten Professor Didier Raoult, if he persisted with hydroxychloroquine, came from the cell phone of the infectiology department of the Nantes University Hospital, of which François Raffi is head of department?

Probably a pure coincidence.

N°2. Professor Jacques Reynes of Montpellier. 291,741 €, including 48,006 € from Gilead and 64,493 € from Abbvie. However, Jacques Reynes was asked by Olivier Véran to pilot the Raoult protocol clinical trial in Montpellier while at the same time he is the national coordinator of two remdesivir studies for Gilead.

He certainly did not have the time to send his Public Declaration of Interest (PDI) to the Minister.

N°3. Professor Karine Lacombe of Paris – Saint Antoine. 212,209 €, including 28,412 € from Gilead.

She is on the last step of the podium, but the main thing is to be there. There is not only the podium with the Ministers in Matignon.

N°4. Professor Jean Michel Molina from Paris – Saint Louis. 184,034 €, including 26,950 € from Gilead and 22,864 € from Abbvie. Now Jean-Michel Molina is co-author of an article published in Medicine and Infectious Diseases on a few cases, to say that hydroxychloroquine does not work.

Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses is the official journal of the SPILF (Société de Pathologie infectieuse de Langue Française).

N°5. Professor Gilbert Deray from Paris. 160.649€. A nice sum for a nephrologist who is very present on TV sets. Be careful, the remdesivir can be very toxic for the kidneys.

N°6. Professor Jean-Paul Stahl from Grenoble. 100.358 €, including 4.552 € from Abbvie. Please note that this sum has not been declared on his IPR. However, Jean-Paul Stahl is editor of the journal Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses.

He is the one who compared Plaquénil* to toilet paper.

N°7. Professor Christian Chidiac of Lyon. 90,741 €, including 16,563 € from Gilead. However, Christian Chidiac is President of the Communicable Diseases Commission of the High Council of Public Health, which issued the famous opinion banning hydroxychloroquine, except for the dying, and asking to include patients in official trials (thus Discovery).

Her assistant, Pr Florence Ader, quoted below, is the principal investigator of Discovery. Pure coincidence.

N°8. Professor Bruno Hoen of the Pasteur Institute. 82,610 €, including 52,012 € from Gilead.

Note that on his IPR, he noted that he only received €1000 from Gilead! However, Bruno Hoen attacked the Marseille team in an email dated March 18, 2020, shared with all infectious diseases specialists.

N°9. Professor Pierre Tattevin from Rennes. €79,956, including €15,028 from Gilead.

Note that on his IPR, like his predecessor, he noted that he only received €1,000 from Gilead! This must be overwork. But Pierre Tattevin is president of the SPILF. This learned society attacked hydroxychloroquine to encourage inclusions in Discovery, as well as in other studies by drawing lots with groups of untreated patients (randomized studies).

N°10. Professor Vincent Le Moing of Montpellier. 68.435 €, including 4.776 € from Gilead and 9.642 € from Abbvie. Now Vincent Le Moing pilots, with his boss Jacques Reynes mentioned above, the Montpellier clinical trial.

N°11. Doctor Alain Makinson of Montpellier. 63.873 €, including 15.054 € of Gilead. Dr. Alain Makinson is participating in the Montpellier study with Jacques Reynes and Vincent Le Moing. A very beautiful trio. Montpellier is very well represented.

N°12. François-Xavier Lescure de Paris – Bichat. 28,929 €, including 8,621 € from Gilead. Now François-Xavier Lescure is the assistant of our famous Yazdan Yazdanpanah who is in the Scientific Council Covid-19.

He publicly criticized the Marseille team for discrediting hydroxychloroquine.

He is co-author of the highly questionable study on Gilead’s remediation, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, this study has no methodology.

N°13. Professor Florence Ader from Lyon. 11,842 €, including 3,750 € from Gilead. Florence Ader is the principal investigator of Discovery.

From twelve, it starts to make an epidemic focus! »

The situation is much worse in Italy but it is difficult to obtain statistics. In particular, about the members of the Scientific Committee, or even the Ministers. Nevertheless, here are some illustrations.

Let’s start with the expert Mr. M. Galli, the same one who advised against the use of hydroxychloroquine and pushed instead hat of remdesivir. I don’t know whether he apologized to his patients. It says the following:

“Likewise, the compassionate use of the antiviral drug remdesivir (Gilead) by the Sacco Hospital in Milan, initiated by the head of infectiology Massimo Galli, could give hope in the identification of a therapy for the virus”, continues Rosaria Iardino who adds: “However, due to the current wording of paragraph 4 of the article. 6 D.lgs 52/2019, these trials, proposed by the best professionals in the field and excellent health institutions, risked not finding approval for their development, even in such a dramatic phase; fortunately, however, the start of the trials was quickly made possible by the intervention of the AIFA and the relevant ethics committees”. “Coronavirus: “it is urgent to resolve the conflict of interest in clinical trials” , Author: Editor, March 24, 2020 ,( Translation)

Of course, the ineffable expert Burioni is not to be outdone. See :

« Coronavirus, le consulenze d’oro di Roberto Burioni (e del suo socio Nicola Bedin) »

“Lifenet has launched a service of consultation to all those who have access to virology. Contratti fino a 200 mila euro con Tim, Snam, la Marelli, Gucci e altri marchi. Lo scienziato: “Della parte commerciale se ne occupare la srl, io sono solo un loro consulente. How many times? È riservato”. Ferrari has dated to the teacher 33 million euro”, by Emiliano Fittipaldi and Giovanni Tizian, (translated )

Burioni, Bedin BUT ALSO THE OTHERS AS MASSIMO GALLI ” There are virologists and experts of all kinds on the consulting market, but Massimo Galli, a famous specialist in infectious diseases at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, is certainly one of the most sought-after. L’Espresso learned that in April, a giant company like Pirelli asked him to collaborate on security for Covid, and he was offered a price much lower than those offered by “Back on track”. Just under 20,000 euros. ” Confirmed. But let’s just say that if the ministry approves this contract, I’ll take a fraction of the total. The rest of the money will go to the university, which will use it for scientific research,” explains the immunologist. “I could earn a lot by doing ‘occasional services’, it’s true. But do you think that at the moment, with the current climate, I would start doing business on Covid? Even the study for Atm, the Milanese transport company, I did it for free”. (Translated)

In short, Italy is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, which unfortunately is common knowledge. But today the degeneration has gone up a notch. This ethical disintegration concerns the whole society and first and foremost the authorities that should guarantee constitutional rights, the Colleges of Physicians and the Magistrates, as evidenced by the grotesque denial of justice in my case, exposed in the articles published in the Homepage of this same site. Mafia-politician-police impunity is total. There is no longer any moral sense, no recourse.

Conflicts of interest of doctors and experts are partly treated here. The subject deserves to be studied in depth, including respect for scientific methodology and the code of ethics. Indeed, one cannot push an unverified gene therapy like a vulgar drug pusher by passing it off as a vaccine without betraying the Hippocratic Oath and putting the lives of the vaccinated people in danger.

See :

a ) Big Pharma investe milioni per i medici-testimonial, Set 28, 2017 | 0 Comments,

b ) « Chi finanzia l’agenzia italiana del farmaco –AIFA », (idem l’Ema agenzia europea per le medicine)

Moreover, no one is any longer fooled by the media strategy implemented by philo-Semite Nietzschean governments to prevent people from thinking with their own heads and to instill confusion and fear in order to better impose their otherwise irrational handling of the pandemic. Everyone will have noticed the similarity with the media treatment of the criminal, and by definition illegal, preventive war of aggression waged against Iraq and Afghanistan with a great deal of visual treatment of the “campaigns” against the “enemy”, daily counting of deaths as a bonus at peak hours, demonization of external enemies and especially of the domestic “dangerous classes” to be palestinized through the use of liberticidal laws, such as the Patriot Act and its European sequels, which goe hand in hand with the stigmatization of all democratic dissent as “terrorism” or favoring terrorism. Today, the presidency and the government are reversing, in a now expected fashion, the desire for “separation” of the clown Finkielkraut – see here: . I have never understood how such a person could become part of a republican Grande Ecole after such a writing that would have been immediately censored everywhere else … but in France, with nearly 8 million people of Muslim culture, it seems that not a single one qualified to lead the Arab World Institute! It is truly undignified … Thus the working classes of the suburbs, in particular the French citizens of Muslim culture, are designated as “separatists” when they only wish to be treated as full citizens and many of them are still too timid to demand an end to the current obscene over-representation of certain groups far less numerous than they are.

Thus the media were quickly put under direct or indirect supervision. And opinion-makers were hastily fabricated to spread the authorized version of events while denouncing opponents as “plotters” and « conspiracy theoreticians » … No one will therefore be surprised to learn that the media experts who defend the irrational and dangerous management of the current pandemic are being paid juicy fees. There is talk of 2,000.00 euros tax-free for experts like Burioni or Capua for a quick 10 minutes. We can imagine for others … That is why, for the good of all, conflicts of interest must be public. See: “Quanto guadagnano i virologi in tv: “scoperti” i compensi di Burioni e Capua”. Il settimanale Panorama ha contato i due noti virologi per una finta ospitata in televisione. Ecco cosa hanno saputo sui loro cachet, editato in: 2020-05-14T23:19:06+02:00 da QuiFinanza 14 maggio 2020


I believe that Dr. Francesco Oliviero (4) of the association Mille Medici per la Costituzione was right when he called for a public debate and when he pointed out that these medical and governmental drifts, in particular those concerning gene therapies that are badly and fraudulently given as « vaccines » and moreover safe vaccines, call for recourse to the courts, even to a Nuremberg Tribunal, which in this case could mean the International Criminal Court, located in Rome.

Paul De Marco, former professor of International Relations – International Political Economy. Author of a Methodological Introduction freely accessible in the Livres-Books section of my old Jurassic site .

Notes :

1) “Vaccini Covid, boom di positivi e allergie: scoppia la polemica”. In Israele 12mila persone sono risultate positive dopo il vaccino Pfizer, mentre in California il siero Moderna ha causato gravi reazioni allergiche,

2 ) I refer on this subject to my book Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme freely accessible in the Livres-Books section of my old Jurassic site as well as to the texts of the Fascism/Racism/Exclusivism Section, in particular my text “Laïcité ou le respect absolu de l’Autre” in the same section In English here :

3 ) Voir ” Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare “ in the Livres-Books section of my old Jurassic site

4 ) See the video at the end of the article or you can use an online translator for the article itself : ” The expert Oliviero: “Those who vaccinate can infect. With proper care in safe 25 thousand victims” “, VIDEO (below at the end of the article) “Or all the dead were vaccinated or have come into contact with people vaccinated with anti-flu. From “fake” swabs to nanochips to be inoculated with the vaccine, which complements 5G, in order to have mass control over people.” “The allegedly organized pandemic by the book. Those who hatched it should be tried for crimes against humanity,” By DINO GRANATA, November 30, 2020,


See my review of Lenglet and Touly’s essential book in the same site, here : . See especially this: “Do we want to get rid of our old people? “-13 gen 2021,

Stepane Adam and his report

At 11 : 13 mn, 50 to 60 % of deaths due to Covid-19 are elderly people – not only in Belgium but internationally.

A 13 20 Report


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