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They don’t pay their fees but still want to call the shots!

In memory of my elder brother Giuseppe De Marco medically murdered by Jews with the complicity of Canadians, Italians and others.*

( Update : On July 19, 2018, Israel’s Nationality law transformed this still illegal State into an official regime of Apartheid with unprecedented racist and theocratic characteristics. The international legality of the State of Israel rests on the effective existence of the State of Palestine as per the UN 1947 Partition Plan and successive UN Resolutions. The archaic, self-destructive and exclusivist pretention is that of being the sole divinely « elected race ». It flies against all know fundamental rights and all versions of natural law. We should remember that in July, 2004, the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE HAGUE unambiguously condemned the Apartheid Wall of separation, calling the International Community to take all measures to cancel it.)

For the Text of the Unesco resolution on Occupied Palestine », Oct 12, 2016, see Basically it makes clear that history, international law and human rights cannot be cancelled by the Israeli pretention to continually use force or by its sectarian thinking.

A famous French pitre, one named Finkielkraut, openly spoke about the right of Jews to have « separation ». He nevertheless kept his job in a most prestigious secular French School or Grande Ecole! If a non-Jew had advocated the same idea what would have happened? Is this a latent ghetto wish? At the time, I had tried to show the perniciousness of this line of thinking. (1) My point is that equality is sacred but that exclusive (divine ?) self-election is the worse crime that can be perpetrated against Humanity, it amounts to a sectarian dangerous pathology. Imagine if all « gentile » nations would emulate the Israeli kind of separation, now ferociously and arrogantly imposed on Palestinians in their own lands …

All natural, social or fictional realities present themselves in particular entities that belong to a species. From the aggregation of identical things we can derive generalizations. This is the basis of empirical science. Aside from general laws science can also lead to universal laws. (2)

Singular entities are either particular or extra-ordinary. In the later case, literally speaking, they are monstrosities. They can neither lead to general nor to universal laws. The worse narrative of them all tends to transform singularity into universality. The pretext is the exclusive (divine ) election of one « race », itself divided into tribes which are differently elected. Of course, such a lunatic attitude, when acted upon, inexorably leads to conflicts and to wars.

This is the logic of exclusivism. The Young Marx analyzed it rigorously in his book The Holy Family, which contains his essential analysis entitled The Jewish Question. Drawing from earlier and contemporary authors, with an emphasis on Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man , the Young Marx shows that demo-cracy is based on the total refutation of any exclusive racist and theocratic divine election. From this refutation derives the secular evidence of the sovereignty of the people.

This evidence is enshrined within all modern democratic and republican-democratic constitutions. The extension of Natural Law – Vico’s « diritto delle genti » – to the inter-relationships between peoples and States forms the basis of modern international law such as it is embodied, for instance, in the Charter of the UN System, as well as in the charters of UN Specialised Agencies such as the Unesco. This applies most eminently to the Universal Declaration of the Fundamental Individual and Social Rights. Note that the Declaration speaks in the name of the Human species and as such it cannot be reconciled with a literal reading of the Leviticus – which is nothing other than a rough, racist and exclusivist copy of the Hammurabi Code albeit dogmatically adapted to a different set of circumstances.

One essential fact must be emphasized: modern democratic constitutions as well as the UN Charter and the 1948 Universal Declaration were the results of the anti-Nazifascist war alliance. As such they mark a civilizational leap forward which new philo-Semite Nietzscheans (3) backed by their speculative stateless transnational enterprises and banks now want to dismantle in their drive to forcefully « return » Humanity to a new domesticity and a new slavery.

I have tried to elaborate on Marx’s essential critique of exclusivism. An entire section of my first Web site was dedicated to it. It is called Racism/Facism/Exclusivism. Looking at his entire production, Marx’s main scientific contributions are the critique of exclusivism and the Marxist law of value. Notice that, so far, all academic Marxologists washed pompously about the « Young Marx » (as opposed to Althusser’s Marx of the maturity ) just to avoid speaking about his fundamental critique of exclusivism. These sorry crews can wash profusely on fetishism without proffering a word about the relations of exploitation in the immediate production process … As for the Marxist law of value, up until my essential contribution, they all failed to understand its real scientific nature and to defend it as such. (See the already mentioned Note 2). Worse, they accepted the falsifications imposed on Marx by Böhm-Bawerk, Bortkiewicz, Tugan-Baranovsky et al., in order to destroy Marxism from within. They did this with the invention of so-called « Marginalist socialism » or « market socialism ». I have shown in my essay « Marginalist socialism or how to chain oneself in the capitalist cavern », 2014/2015, how this degeneration eventually led to the collapse of the USSR from within because it had fallen on such ill-intentioned and surnumerary hands. (4)

With the illegal auto-proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948 and the shift in theoretical and political allegiance it provoked, we are witnessing an increasing and dangerous tendency for Israel to move toward a reaffirmation of its exclusive rights as the sole divinely elected « race ». This peculiar reading of the Jewish religious texts has no consideration whatsoever for the original sources, among others those written in Sumerian – for instance the Epic of Gilgamesh which provides the stories of Genesis and of the Deluge and many others– in Akkadian – the Legend of King Sargon from which Moses’s narrative is largely derived – or in Babylonian – such as the Hammurabi code. (5) Some archaic minds even want to erase Al-Haram al-Sharif, the Third Holy Place of Islam in Al Quds-Jerusalem, in order to rebuilt the legendary Solomon Temple for which, as President Arafat rightly emphasized, there isn’t the least archeological or historical evidence. Interestingly, they describe this temple as so shiny as to « blind the eyes ». Indeed! Such an archaic and ridiculous pretention can only alienate Israel’s neighbours, some now placed under direct colonial occupation while other are under direct Israeli fire – including through « regime change » and the illegal organizing, financing and arming of terrorists groups like IS also known as Daesh (6)

In a fashion well described by Shakespeare in his Merchant of Venice, it equally antagonises the greatest part of the International Community. In accordance with the Charter of the UN General Assembly, the international community recognises the strict equality of all States, great or small. The tentative of Israel to ally itself with the US, pushing it forcefully along a destructive philo-Semite Nietzschean and imperial path, can only make things worse. At the same time, this fake dual empire in which the costly and parasitic client dictates to the foolish master – look at the grotesque overrepresentation so pervasive in the US and in many Western nations – inexorably leads to defeat: Not only in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 – another Tonkin incident … -, but also in Gaza, in Lebanon, in Syria etc. The illegal preventive war doctrine coldly envisaged the destruction of more than 66 countries, mainly Muslim countries, over and above the foolish imperial willingness to destroy all economic and military rivals, including Western nations.

As shown by Germany after the First World War – Rathenaus’s claim to have German blood (sic) did not convince some right-wing groups – a wounded and defeated empire quickly turns with a vengeance against those designated as the cause of its decline. The CIA and the US Establishment have said before that the USA are not always « on the same page » as the Jewish State. Professors from prestigious American universities have recently warned against the deleterious impact on the United States’ national interests of an exclusive alliance with Israel, that is to say with the now predominant Right-Wing racist, theocratic and exclusivist Zionists. (7) Lest one forgets, Netanyahu’s father, like many others, had worn the brown shirt in Germany. Surely, the American public remembers the brave and candid young 23-year-old American woman, Rachel Corrie, pitilessly bulldozed by the arrogant and criminal Israeli Army and its whole political and military chain-of-command.

We underline the fact that the State of Israel is still strictly speaking illegal: in fact, within the 1947 Sharing Plan of the UN, no singular State can exist in the former UN Palestinian Mandate without the existence of the other State and the recognition of the International Status of Jerusalem. This Sharing Plan should have been the object of a referendum at the time of its adoption, if only to reinforce its legitimacy. Be it as it may, the UN has repeatedly called for the Israeli unconditional withdrawal from the Occupied Territories and the Golan Heights – see, for instance, UN Resolutions 338 and 242. (8) Similarly the International Court of Justice did the same and called the International Community to contribute to this withdrawal and to the dismantlement of the Wall of Apartheid and Shame. (9)

The UNESCO has always shown moderation. As its charter declares, peace needs to be fostered within people’s mind. This can only be done through the advancement of science and equality. Exclusivism and especially racist theocratic exclusivism negate both. They are contrary to the entire body of international laws, to most Western post-war constitutions and to scientific deontology. Similarly the grotesque over-representation in the West – complete with a very Nietzschean matrimonial strategy in view of forging a superior « race » – is blatantly contrary to the Law of Great Numbers. As you know, for a few decades now, there have been dangerous and illogical attempts to openly rehabilitate Nietzsche and even Heidegger. To disguise this new philo-Semite Nietzschean « return » to fascism, Nietzsche was portrayed as a good « philo-Semite Nietzschean » (their terminology) just because, at one point, he had advocated the marriage of the Prussian Junker with Jewish females in order to reinforce the ideological alliance with the forging of a new « race »!!! (10)

Over-representation destroyed the USSR from within. The deadly logic of exclusivism can be seen in the universalist reaction of Ancient and modern empires and Republics. The best known examples in Western culture are those enacted by Nabuchodonosor and by Titus. The Hitlerian reaction was the perfect example of an anti-Semite exclusivist reaction from Nietzschean, fascist and racist circles who had been previously educated, organised and financed by Jewish philo-Semite Nietzschean circles and their allies, including Max Warburg in Germany and Sarfatti in Italy. (11) I have shown that the Christian message itself was a well-intentioned universalist Pythagorean narration, probably sustained by Rome, to do away with zealot and exclusive wars and rebellions in the Middle East. (12) As you might expect the History of Christianity is pestered from its very origins with confrontations opposing the universalist and egalitarian interpretation and the exclusivist ones. Historians such as Ernest Renan made this clear. The syphilitic Grand Master Nietzsche’s hate for St Paul and for the egalitarian versions of Christianity has no other foundation although, like the cynical pitre he was, he ended up dementedly kissing the dying horse crying « Pity! Pity!»

I have pointed out elsewhere that the main civilizational contribution of the Koran was to try to put an end to exclusivist and millenarist fanaticisms by declaring Mohamed as the last prophet. Christians and Jews are still waiting for a Messiah. Yesterday and today’s crusades are anchored into this fanatical Judeo-Christian psyche although it is always placed to the service of imperialist conquests. While Koran only advocates the recourse to force in legitimate self-defense, Christians and Jews still argue about « just wars » but they still do this outside of the framework of modern international law. So much for the separation of Churches and State! The Book of Kings in the Jewish bible openly makes the apology of the genocide of all autochthonous people in their self-proclaimed « promised land ». The same kind of arguments are still heard today from the criminal and lunatic crews of temple rebuilders !!!

Everyone knows about personal and cultural biases. The Gospels warn against it too. A crude and vulgar behavioralist and lousy pitre with long ears, who pretends to speak about economics, like Daniel Kahneman makes a great deal about testosterone as if humans and traders had no brain, no education and no savoir-vivre; but, strangely, he does not talk about female secretions. Including for the present United States of America and now for most Western nations. Perhaps, with his reference rabbis he should explain why. As for traders, we are usually told about the use of cocaine and speed due to the stressing nature of their useless endeavor. In truth it is an endeavor in which the average housewife does better on average than the best of them, a crew now increasingly replaced by algorithms managing high frequency trading. With the onset of capitalism the use of coffee en tea was generalized to keep the exploited « stiffs » going. But of course, blaming natural phenomena to hide the systemic exploitative manipulation at the hands of the few is the very logic of the original sin attributed to gentile nations by self-elected pitres. It does not work any longer, not even when the attempt is made to substitute the common history of deportation and struggle against Nazifascism with an exclusive Shoah narrative based on the silent postulate according to which only the victims from the self-elected « race » count. Praise can thus openly be lavished on Nazi industrialists like Schindler and on his Jewish accountant Stern … This adds insult to injury.

Perhaps this archaic behavioral crew should enquire into the socially and ideologically structured acquisitive mind, the class-determined thrust for power and control and other class and cast pretences. They should tell us why they studiously ignore the demonstrated falsifications at the core of the Marginalist paradigm as well as of all the various brands of bourgeois economics. These falsifications are especially onerous in the context of a speculative casino economy. Or do they pretend that subjective behaviors have now abolished their supply and demand curves? The reader is send back to the Note 2 below. In the context of current speculative finance and economy, citizens and peoples should ponder the beginning of Goethe’s Faust . It portrays a Mephistopheles explaining to Faust that the best way to dominate the world is to control the printing of money: over-representation in this strategic area tells most of the story. The narrations put forth by the new philo-Semite Nietzschean imperial rulers are more akin to what Spinoza denounced as the « delirium of the rabbis » than to science. As we said, one perfect example is neoliberal economics, especially as it was derived from the Fascist Austrian-Jew von Mises and the sorry clique of neoliberal economists form Chicago University and elsewhere.

In its moderation the UNESCO would never kick out any member State. At most it suspends them when they do not pay their dues. This was the case for the USA which now owes the Unesco some half billion dollars in unpaid arrears. The US budget contribution to the Unesco ceased in 2011. (13) And therefore in these sad and dangerous circumstances in which exclusivist warmongering States decide to exclude themselves, one can only take note. The UN and Unesco principles are safe, but armed conflict is nearing. The International Community should at least denounce this exclusivist warmongering before it is too late. It would be a minimum given the US veto in the UN Security Council. Otherwise the International Community will be directly complicit with this new and more dangerous brand of theocratic philo-Semite Nietzshean fascism.

Paul De Marco

Ex-professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.


*) The medical murder of Giuseppe De Marco (see some essential documents below)

Giuseppe De Marco, also know in French as Joseph or in English as Joe, was my elder and loving brother. He died on January 11, 2010. In his youth he had been an A student. He was a kind of workaholic, he loved his profession and was a top notch professional. He was well informed and had his own ideas but he was not involved in politics in any ways. He had surgery for a gastric cancer, which his medical files « ruled out » speaking instead of a gastric ulcer. During surgery his liver was botched and his gall-bladder was removed by the surgeon Nathalie Coburn, although she had described the tumor as « highly resectable » in order to convince the reluctant patient to undergo surgery. Biopsies were showing a clean liver and gall-bladder. With the help of the oncologist Simron Singh this initial murdering « mistake » was explained away and ignored during his « experimental » treatment. One week, just by chance, this oncologist was away. This enabled other doctors to realise that the examination results they were getting did not correspond to the narrative contained in the medical chart. As a result of this routine visit at the hospital, they quickly hospitalised the patient and urgently inserted a biliary drain. But Simron Singh came back. In the end, Giuseppe died from a provoked septic shock: To dispatch a now encumbering patient with the help of Dr. Durant the biliary tube was changed and a new one was re-inserted with « at least few holes in it » while this Durant refused to provide antibiotics as requested by the patient’s brother. This is clearly stated in the last radiographies taken in a different hospital than Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto where he was undergoing treatment. The death

certificate states that septic shock was the cause of death. Other radiographies taken in the York Region Hospital – in a Talmudic fashion the name was later changed – initially questioned the metastatic narratives but later those baseless narratives were re-imposed. Earlier, heavy daily doses of heparin had been consciously prescribed without adequate monitoring in a attempt to murder him during the Night of Christmas with forceful lung-suctions. During this emblematic episode a forceful attempt was made to refuse the immediate transfer of the patient in Intensive Care despite the patient’s clearly expressed wish. Despite all these evidences, the Jewish evil doctor Dwosh together with his accomplices, including the Jewish Chief-of-Staff Grossman, pretended that he had died from cancer! The evil Jewish doctor Dwosh who was in charge of the Intensive Care Unit up until January 11 at 7:00 AM had decided that the patient would died before the end of his turn. For reasons retrospectively clear, he had forcefully and illegally decided from the beginning that the patient should never have been admitted there, including during the first murder attempt on Christmas Night. This criminal Dwosh had refused to implement the treatment plan concordated earlier by the patient’s brother and another doctor then in charge of the patient. The College of Doctors and Physicians and the College of Nurses miserably failed in their duties and ignored the unquestionable proofs contained in my complaints. So did the lawyer and his American experts who carefully skipped the most pertinent documents in the medical files in order to come up with the desired conclusion. Against the documented evidence, they protected those evil doctors who medically murdered my brother. The savage and continuous harassment perpetrated against me never stopped even when my brother was undergoing chemotherapy or when he was in the intensive care unit. This was done without the least regard for the patient or for his aged mother. It had been actually increased as I began to raise questions about the treatment imposed on him; it increased again when I resisted the direct violation of my brother’s clearly expressed wish to have all available treatment up until the end. Indeed, the strong and lucid patient was only taking low doses of morphine on demand until the evil Jewish doctor Dwosh imposed a continuous flow of morphine to make him appear « moribund ». He did this without consulting with the patient’s brother who had power of attorney. Note that, in Canada, the Supreme Court had ruled unanimously against euthanasia. Going against the patient’s clearly and repeatedly expressed wish is an unforgivable crime under any circumstances. This harassment now goes on in Italy with the same continued violation of my domicile and the same savage and perverse gratuitous cruelty: So far, this is happening with the complicity of the Italian authorities, intelligence services and magistrates. (See for instance the unanswered letter to the Associazione Libertà e Gistuzia in ; since then vile defamation tactics were used, so far with the complicity of the

Italian State and justice system.) This deplorable totalitarian situation is the direct result of over-representation and systemic philo-Semite Nietzschean and Spinellian complicity.

To understand what I mean by « philo-Semite Nietzscheism », an expression I borrowed from the praising preface to an English re-edition of Nietzsche, please refer back to my Note 3 below as well as to this link … I emphasize that the unofficially signed Geneva Accord, the only possible peace accord in the Middle East, was directly derived from my proposal entitled « Camp David II », a text written under the most intense harassment. It was later inserted into my book entitled Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme, accessible in the Livres-Books section of .To block it Sharon and his ilks unleashed an inferno of violence on the Esplanade of the Mosques– with complicity of Shimon Peres and of the police who could not ignore the preparation of this bloody provocation. President Rabin was murdered by these fanatics. In the end, Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, who had enwalled the peace loving and Nobel Prize President Arafat until his assassination, died enwalled into his one pathologically criminal and demented brain. His day of reckoning had come, perhaps as a symbolic warning. Understandably, since President Arafat’s assassination, I have withdrawn my proposal. Given the serious and illegal deterioration of their material conditions and livelihood, it is now for the Palestinian people alone to decide how they want to deal with the current, albeit transitory, fait accompli on their land.

My brother’s case is far from being an exception in the so-called civilized Western countries in which born citizens are increasingly being treated like gentile subjects. One might want to objectively check what the Talmud says about gentiles. In my knowledge, the most repugnant affirmations have never been retracted by the rabbis and others in the Jewish community. No excuses have yet been offered for having fostered philo-Semite Nietzscheism and Fascism. Western nations are now emulating Israeli practice of torture under « medical supervision » (sic!). So much for the Hippocratic Oath. I am not even speaking here about the treatment afforded to Palestinians or to the Muslims in general before and after the self-inflicted 9/11.

I believe it is time for people to speak out. James Joyce wrote that « History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake ». It is easy to see why: The denial of justice is the most inhumane and monstrous crime imaginable. Pretending the proverbial « pound of flesh » is never without grievous consequences. In the end, as History shows, the day of reckoning always comes. It is only a matter of time. But « La legge è uguale per tutti ». Justice must pass for the respect of the victims and for the good of all the persons involved, lest Talion Law – an eye for an eye – but counted sevenfold will prevail « once

again », out of necessity. See some irrefutable medical documents attached below.

1 ) See: « On the desirability of a Jewish “separation “ from Palestinians and Arabs. » in

2 ) See my Methodological introduction in the section Livres-Books of . See also my Synopsis of Marxist Political Economy, idem.

3 ) See « Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare: or how Pity finally kissed the flogged horse », 2002, in the Livres-Books Section of

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6 ) This is well documented for instance by Général Desportes and by G. Washington. See Notes 6 and 7 in . You might also want to take a look at the Section Islamic Socialism in my site keeping in mind the philo-Semite Nietzschean and rabbinic pathologic habit to do the reverse of what is scientific and ethically acceptable. Always with the same disastrous results, of course. Judge by yourself.

7 ) See THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt, in , Fall 2006. (This realist view of US foreign policy argues that the unilateral backing of Israel alienates many countries mostly Muslim countries. It is right in pointing to the objective of the Israeli lobby to equate Israel’s interest with US national interest. But is misses the essential point because what is being strengthened is a newly forged imperial philo-Semite Nietzschean alliance. Just as had been done with fascism up until 1938 in Italy and even later, as was evidenced by the role played by Margarita Sarfatti; or just as had been the case with Nazism before Hitler’s volte-face once he was securely in power. The war on so-called terrorism goes hand in hand with the Patriot Act and the end of the « rising expectations » of the masses and the « control of flows of communications » to impose « deference » to self-designated « Authority ». When this strategy fails the

Nietzschean Hammer is pitilessly called to play its role, including with the emulation of the barbarous Israeli’s « torture under … medical watch » … The palestinisation of the gentile nations is the ultimate lunatic goal. Thus one can predict that this «ascending recurrent return » will end up like the previous ones and most probably worse. Although, this time around, Stalin is off. This was explained in my site and again in depth in my 2002 book entitled Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme.

8 ) See the evolution of Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian lands in . Look at the maps at the end of this article. See also « Can’t pinkwash this! » in

9 ) « Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory » OVERVIEW OF THE CASE, in

10 ) For my definitive critiques of Nietzsche and Heidegger see the Livres-Books Section of

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12 ) See the religious narratives based on the Tetramorph as elucidated in my essay on Joachim of Fiore entitled « Brevi appunti su Gioacchino da Fiore pitagorico », presentati alla Conferenza organizzata dallAssociazione culturale Gunesh, il 27 agosto 2016 » in the Section Italia of

13 ) U.S. withdraws from UNESCO, the U.N.’s cultural organization, citing anti-Israel bias, IN

Here are a few unambiguous medical documents :

Primary cause of death septic shock. Note however that the gastric cancer was never proven and had been specifically « ruled out » earlier.

Here is the document that ruled out cancer and diagnosed a gastric ulcer instead :

Incredibly, the biliary drain replaced by dr. Durant had « at least few holes » in it:

Surgical clips etc contrary to metastatic narrative. (Note that the medical chart equally shows a lung nodule that was there before surgery and did not change in the least even after surgery and chemotherapy. Yet, it was interpreted to create a metastatic narrative needed to end treatment and dispatch the now encumbering patient.):



Heavy daily doses of heparin prescribed without monitoring before the attempted Christmas Night murder even though the evil Jewish doctor Dwosh knew as proven by his handwritten note:



Fortunately the oncologist Simron Singh was away for a week. During Giuseppe’s routine visit to the hospital different doctors were surprised to see that the results they were getting did not correspond to the cooked up narrative in the medical charts. They hospitalised the patient immediately and inserted a biliary duct:


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