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They don’t pay their fees but still want to call the shots! In memory of my elder brother Giuseppe De Marco medically murdered by Jews with the complicity of Canadians, Italians and others.* For the Text of the Unesco resolution on Occupied Palestine », Oct 12, 2016, see Basically it makes clear that history, […]

Commenti disabilitati su THE FED FINALLY ADMITS : IT DOES NOT KNOW WHAT INFLATION IS ! Sept. 21, 2017

(Note added on Sept. 22, 2017 : It seems that before the utterance by Janet Yellen, the Bank of International Settlements (BSI) had reached the same conclusion thinking that inflation is a « $ I billion question » of which no one knows the answer. May I modestly suggest to these people to respect academic deontology […]

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o Perché i studenti nella « dismal discipline » dovrebbe esigere il rimorso dei loro spese scolastiche. Commento dell’articolo « Meet The 22 Economists That Want To Kill Your Purchasing Power » by Tyler Durden, in  Jun 10, 2017 8:15 PM (Nota: Il commento sul contributo di John Williams segue qui sotto; viene trattato […]

Commenti disabilitati su 22 economists trapped into their own narrative

Or Why should students in the dismal discipline demand the reimbursement of their tuition fees. Comment on the article « Meet The 22 Economists That Want To Kill Your Purchasing Power » by Tyler Durden, in  Jun 10, 2017 8:15 PM (Note: The comment on John Williams’ contribution follows below and is treated apart […]

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The defeat of philo-Semite Nietzscheism at the hands of the anti-Nazifascist class alliance does not belong to such a remote past to be totally erased from memory; one should always remember that this resounding defeat is written in the letter and in the spirit of our European Constitutions, born from the Resistance. Content 1 ) […]

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(All the essays and books mentioned in the Table of content below are available in the Livres-Books or International Political Economy sections of the site The « Appeal » is in the March 2014 Archives of The second and eighth are now being translated into English. Hopefully, once day, they will eventually all […]