Is this a prelude to a new imperialist, philo-Zionist Nietzschean war ? *

These putative «  masters of the Earth », in effect, real parasitic and Fascist failures (Netanyahu’s father wore a brown shirt in Nazi Germany ), simply want to return society to a new domesticity and a new slavery. They even want to build a temple to that lofty goal. They strive for the « Palestinization » of all gentile nations and citizens. The fiscal policies adopted since Reagan and since the abrogation of the Glass Steagall Act leave no doubt about their ultimate objective. In the Middle-East and everywhere else. This « Jerusalem as the Jewish capital » lunacy is not about Palestine only, it is about democracy and fundamental Human Rights. We are all concerned. We are even more concerned than we were with the now-defeated South African Apartheid.

American people have raised serious doubts about the current president of the United-States. Hopefully, he will reconsider. The fact of the matter is that Congress has passed a pathologically dangerous resolution on the status of Jerusalem as the alleged capital of the Jewish (yet illegal) State of Israel. It is a resolution that frontally violates the whole corpus of international law and even more Natural Law. The US citizens must understand that it is not only about Al-Quds/Jerusalem and Palestine; more seriously it is about their own status as equal citizens. It is about democracy and citizens’ rights. It is about Human rights.

Hopefully, Congress and the President will understand this quickly. If they do not, as an expert of International Relations, I can easily predict that the United-States’ national interests will be irremediably damaged. Part of the Establishment has already warned about this inescapable outcome. (1) Not even the United-States of America can go against Reason and against the whole World just to enforce a sick and sickening exclusivist pretention to be the sole biblical master « race » (sic!) in the World. Pretending to do so will push the US to leave all international and UN Agencies and to grievously suffer from the worse isolationism in its troubled if short history. It already and foolishly left the Unesco. (2)

The history of the United-States, starting with Thomas Paine and again with John Brown and others, is the history of equality and of the abolition of all forms of slavery. The Bible can perhaps be interpreted as a book fostering ethical principles –especially when seen from the universalist perspective of the Gospels or that of the Koran –, but it can never be used to foster exclusivist, racist-theocratic ideology. Not in the XXI Century. This  would be a gross betrayal of its purpose as a religious text.

Furthermore, everyone knows that the Jewish Bible was largely and dogmatically copied from much earlier Sumerian texts. The Sumerians themselves declared coming from the East. They were definitively not Semite people. Their successors, the Akkadians were but they always recognised their cultural and religious debts to the Sumerians. Furthermore, the ethical principles put forth by these Ancient religions – as well as by the Christian Gospels and by the Koran – were universal not exclusivist-racist and theocratic principles. Over-representation and false representation cannot change this. Not even if one foolishly pretends to control the « flows of communications » or to « enforce a new deference to a (self-designed ) ‘Authority’ » and to its a-scientific and a-constitutional narratives … Imagine a temple based on such falsehoods!

I have demonstrated this historical truth long time ago. For instance, in my book Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme (2002) which is freely available in the Livres-Books Section of my site . In the section Racism/Fascism/Exclusivism of the same site you might want to read (in English):

A ) « In Praise of Reason and of the Secular State »

B ) « Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare » (in the Livres-Books Section)

C ) « Heidegger, the intimate corruption of the soul and of Human becoming » (in the Livres-Books Section)

We are calling on all people of good will and on all democratic peoples, we are calling on all democratic and reasonable Organizations and States to stop this madness before it is too late.

In my essay « Camp David II » (idem), which, by the way, became the unofficially signed « Geneva Accord », I had proposed the only acceptable Peace Plan for the old UN Mandate of Palestine, provided it were democratically accepted by the Palestinian people. In return, President Arafat was coldly murdered by Jewish pathological lunatic war criminals and butchers, starting with Sharon and all his accomplices, and I was personally subjected to the most ignoble and implacable harassment and the most vile academic and social exclusion. Justice has been denied to me and to my family in the most odious fashion. I personally believe that Justice needs to pass and that, in the end, it always passes. Otherwise, as I have tried to show, the savage logic of exclusivism fatally prevails. Who wants his/her « pound of flesh » ? This logic should be repudiated lest the price paid gets more and more onerous with each of its Rabbinical-Nietzschean « return » …

Paul De Marco, ex-professor of International Relations – International Political Economy.


1 ) See THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt, in  , Fall 2006. (See Note 7 of the quoted article about the US leaving Unesco)

2 ) See « Self-imposed « separation » : The United-States and Israel leave Unesco. Good riddance ? »,  in

* ) See « Supreme Court approves Trump immigration order »,  Quote: « The US Supreme Court has allowed the third version of the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into effect. This time, it will stem citizens of eight countries from entering the US, including Syria, Iran, Chad, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, the DPRK and some officials from Venezuela. The ban was released in September. US President Donald Trump went on record saying the ban was needed to ensure national security. »

See also «Trump, Immigration and the Supreme Court », Judge Andrew Napolitano, Posted: Jun 29, 2017 12:01 AM

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