Commenti disabilitati su Ms Chelsea Manning: How many times can someone be sentenced for the same fact?

See: « Chelsea Manning ordered back to jail for refusing to testify before grand jury », By Aaron Navarro , Updated on: May 16, 2019 / 6:42 PM / CBS News

There are two main principles of justice: 1 ) Justice must not only be just, it must have all the appearances of justice; 2 ) No one can be sentenced (punished ? ) twice for the same fact.

In the article referred to above Ms Manning states: « Ultimately this is an attempt to place me back in confinement,” Manning said at a press conference outside the courthouse before the hearing. “I think that this ultimately the goal here is to relitigate the court martial from my perspective. They didn’t like the outcome. I got out so this is a way of placing me back into confinement.»

It all looks like a new Inquisition is been imposed by putative, failed but vindictive « masters of the Earth ».

Let us hope that the proverb will not be proven true that says that « the law is an ass ».

Meanwhile, for my argument on the grievous injustice facing Ms Manning and Mr. Assange, I send the reader back to my article « My solidarity to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning = opposing the new philo-semite Nietzschean regression »,  in . (See also in this same site the Category « Another America is possible »)

Hopefully the international community will mobilize to denounce these injustices. Shouldn’t the No War and Peace Movement feel deeply concerned?

With my solidarity,

Paul De Marco

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