Commenti disabilitati su Rabbis in the Israeli Apartheid State openly call for the murder of Palestinian babies, February, 24, 2019

An essential article by the eminent journalist Johnatan Cook should be widely circulated. See:

On July 19, 2018 Israel’s so-called Basic Law transformed the country into a Jewish State, in effect an officially declared Apartheid State that discriminates brutally against the more numerous Palestinians. (See : The Apartheid State of Israel: Decoding the ‘Basic Law’ and the Meaning of a ‘Jewish Nation’, by N.D. Jayaprakash )

This is far worse than the former Apartheid in South Africa. The Jewish bible advocated the genocide of the former inhabitants of the so-called Promised Land. With Trump’s and other Western Zionist leaders, like the stooge Macron and many Italians subservient puppets, it now attempts to impose this criminal anti-democratic evolution on the entire world community.  It embodies the real « trahison des clercs », because it undermines democratic equality among all citizens and betrays our own Constitutions born in reaction to Nazifascist exclusivist folly. This unprecedented  socio-political and cultural regression  takes the form of a « return » to a dangerously exclusivist philo-Semite Nietzscheism. (This self-evident expression is explained here : ) The ultimate aim is to forcefully return « Gentile » nations to a new slavery and an new domesticity.

The clear-cut denunciation of the Apartheid Zionist State has become an urgent duty for all citizens of good will. The EU should immediately suspend all aid to Israel until that law be changed: We, the Europeans citizens, categorically refuse to be complicit. Especially nowadays when a new philo-Semite Nietzschean offensive is unfolding with the aim to denounce anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism in order to mask the Apartheid and the criminal occupation of Palestine.

For instance, France badly elected President Macron, a stooge of the Rothschild and of other speculative bankers, seems wont to treat the Gilets jaunes and other French legitimate political opponents as Sharon and Netanyahu treated and treat Palestinians. Such chutzpah seems to me a very foolish and dangerous political choice. Especially in a country which, for the first time in History, recognised Jews as citizens equal to all other French citizens. (Obviously, if you believe to be exclusively and divinely elected, there is no greater crime than this belief in Human equality. Yet, the Young Marx, following Thomas Paine and others, demonstrated that there cannot be any democracy nor any Human Emancipation without the eradication of such racist and theocratic exclusivism …)

The eventual reader can also read the articles in the section « Fascism, Racism and Exclusivism » in my old Jurassic but well-intentioned site, in particular the articles « In praise of Reason and of the secular State » and  « On the desirability of a Jewish « separation » from Palestinians and Arabs » . Check also the article on the UNESCO at this address :

One can also take a look at my essays « Nietzsche as an awakened nightmare » and « Heidegger, the ultimate corruption of the soul and of human becoming » in the Livres-Books section of

Spinoza was excommunicated by the rabbis of his time because he had rightly denounced what he called « the delirium of the rabbis ». The psychological-political and warmongering pathological drive of this new form of philo-Semite Nietzscheism is detailed in my book Pour Marx, contre le nihilism (idem) including the definitive critique of the bourgeois charlatan psychological theories, particularly that of the Austrian-Jewish pitre Sigmund Freud. (One chapter entitled « Excerpt from For Marx, against nihilism/Pour Marx, contre le nihilisme, Part Two: For a Marxist psychoanalysis theory. » is available in English (Idem)

Paul De Marco, former Professor  of International Relations – International Political Economy

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